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Best 30-Inch French Door Refrigerators (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Brett Lucero  |  July 06, 2016  |  8 Min. Read

Refrigerators  |  French Door Refrigerators

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There are three popular widths for refrigerators: 36-inch, 33-inch and 30-inch. Why are they so popular? Appliances fit cabinets. You will never see a 37" refrigerator, because it cannot fit inside a popular cabinet.

That being said, a 36-inch is by far the most popular and has the most selection. You are probably reading this because you cannot find a decent 30 inch refrigerator. It is pretty amazing, because most city apartments can only fit a 30-inch fridge.

There are very few actually, because most 30-inch seems to be for less expensive ($499 and up) top mounted refrigerators. However, French doors have better refrigeration space and are generally considered nicer looking.

Below are some of the best 30-inch French door refrigerators.

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french door refrigerator contemporary kitchen

Models / Brands

Not too long ago there was only one option in this segment. Gone are the days of sacrificing style and performance due to size constraints.

Now several manufacturers are offering models in the French door configuration. Style and aesthetics are advantages along with access to the refrigerator at waist height.

With more and more kitchens being designed with islands, French door refrigerators are a better choice. You won’t need as much clearance to open the doors, so there is more space between the island and the refrigerator.

Best 30-Inch French Door Refrigerators

LG LFC22770ST - $1,499

lg LFC22770ST


  • 21.6 Cubic ft capacity
  • Smart cooling - monitors the internal temperature throughout the refrigerator, reacts and adjusts the temperature. There are vents throughout the refrigerator shelves and drawers to keep the refrigerator perfectly cool.
  • Adjustable spill proof shelves.
  • Internal icemaker
  • Humidity-controlled crispers - these crispers extends the life of the fruits and vegetables.
  • Auto closing doors
  • LED Lighting in the back of the refrigerator to give the brightest lighting throughout the refrigerator.
  • The Smart handle makes it easier to open and close the door
  • Colors-Stainless, Smooth Black, and White.

Samsung RF220NCTASR - $1,499

Samsung RF220NCTASR



  • 21.8 cubic feet capacity
  • LED Lighting
  • Energy Star rated.
  • Gallon Door Storage
  • Factory installed ice maker.
  • Wide Open Pantry- store party platters and long flat trays.
  • Door Alarm
  • Cool Tight Door
  • Colors stainless steel, White, Black, Stainless Platinum

Maytag MFF2055DRM - $1,409

Maytag MFF2055DRM


  • 19.7 cubic foot capacity
  • LED Lighting
  • Factory installed ice maker
  • Speed Cool - when you leave the door open it gives a blast of cold air to bring the food back to the   correct temperature.
  • Strongbox Door Bins- 50 times stronger than normal bin.
  • FreshFlow Produce Preserver- the packets that go in the fruits and vegetables drawer to take out the ethylene gas so the fruits will stay fresher for a longer period of time.
  • FreshFlow Air Filter- it removes odors that are moving through the refrigerator.
  • Full Width Fold-Away Shelves- folds back so you can put larger items on the shelf below. Like a pitcher of lemonade.
  • Pure-Ice filter-takes some contaminants and smell from the ice cubes.
  • Colors - Stainless, Black or White.

Kitchenaid KRFF300ESS - $1,709

Kitchenaid KRFF300ESS


  •   19.68 cubic foot capacity
  •   LED Lighting
  •   Automatic ice maker
  •   Internal water dispenser
  •   Humidity-Controlled Crispers- separate drawer to control the humidity to keep the food fresher longer.
  •   Fresh Chill- controls the temperature in the pantry drawer for meats, wine or produce. You can do that with a manual control that makes it cold or colder.
  •   Produce Preserver- that comes from the fruits and vegetables. This will make the fruits and vegetables stay fresher longer.
  •   Extended Fresh-Temperature Management System-it has sensors in the refrigerator and freezer that manage the temperature to make sure that your food is at the proper temperature.
  •   Colors- Stainless, White, Black

Which One Would I Buy? 

There are several ways to pick out a refrigerator. The first way is, if you are doing the whole kitchen over and you need a suite of appliances. In this case you want to maximize rebates from the manufacturers. You should consider buying a kitchen package from one brand for escalating rebates.

If you are just replacing the 30-inch French door refrigerator, you would want to look at the features and benefits. For example, if the cubic feet is most important, then you may go LG or Samsung for a total of 22 cu. ft. versus 19.68 for KitchenAid and Maytag (by the way, they are identical products with a few feature differences).

You may want filtered water inside the refrigerator, then consider the KitchenAid. The feature you want to consider is the food preservation. KitchenAid and Whirlpool both have filters to absorb ethylene gas and keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

What I like about the KitchenAid is the internal water dispenser, style and design and it’s made in the U.S. KitchenAid is also available in packages for a better deal if you need a whole suite of appliances.

Then again, at almost $500 more, it should be. Samsung is another product to consider on price. It has a pretty good record of durability.

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