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The MA Tax-Free Weekend Survival Guide 2023

August 1st, 2023 | 8 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

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The MA Tax-Free Weekend Survival Guide 2023

Tax-Free Weekend in Massachusetts is scheduled to take place on August 12 and August 13, 2023.

Tax-Free Weekend also falls within Labor Day promotions, so normally, there are good opportunities to save even more.

Like last year, there is an argument NOT to shop or make large purchases during Tax-Free Weekend.

In this article, you will learn the basics of Tax-Free Weekend, the problems to avoid, and how to save the most money and time with our step-by-step guide.

We are also moving our warehouse on November 1, 2023, so Tax-Free Weekend will coincide with our clearance event.

Safeguarding Your Shopping

First, let's protect ourselves.

I wrote this post before a local competitor abruptly shut its doors, taking millions of dollars of customer deposits.


Photo Courtesy of WCVB-TV Boston

Don't let this happen to you.

This article has always included a cautionary note about businesses abruptly shutting down and leaving customers empty-handed.

Boston Appliance won't be the last, as the recession, labor shortages, and rising costs have hurt the appliance business more than most.

Then again, appliance sales prospered during the pandemic.

If there's one lesson to take away from this article, it's this: Choose where you shop wisely.

Hopefully, you will learn how to save money and time reading this, but not losing money is always better.

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MA Tax-Free Weekend Dates and Regulations

Tax-Free Weekend states any item under $2,500 is not subject to the state sales tax.

Any items $2,500 and above are taxable for the full amount.

The tax exemption does not include $2,500. At $2,499.99, you pay zero tax. At $2,500, you pay the full tax of $156.25.

Tax-Free Weekend is exclusively for consumers. Builders are not able to purchase 1,000 refrigerators for their projects, for example.

Full payment is required for all orders, but there is no need to arrange delivery at the time of purchase.

In Summary:

  • Items must be paid in full.
  • Builder sales do not qualify. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a building full of appliances and save the tax. However, the individual homeowners in that building can buy the merchandise to save the tax.
  • There is no limit to the singular items under $2,500, so you can buy an infinite number of non-taxable items at $2,499.
  • Any items exchanged after the holiday will be taxed at the standard 6.25%.
  • You do not need to schedule delivery at the time of purchase.

MA Tax-Free Weekend Survival Guide


1. Shop Now

Do your shopping before the weekend by phone or in person. Most stores will have promotions available early.

Everyday essentials like diapers and tissue paper can be purchased over the phone or online. However, if you're looking to shop for decorative items, it's best to shop in person.

Pro Tip: A few retailers, like Jordan's Furniture, are offering 15% off before tax-free weekend. We will be doing something similar this year.

2. Generate a Quote or List Early

Getting a quote on the items you wish to purchase can save you a ton of time. You cannot buy the products until the weekend to save the tax.

Either tell the salesperson to process the order on Tax Holiday or call that weekend. This will save an incredible amount of time.

3. Schedule an Appointment

You don't have to wait for a salesperson. Why waste your time?

Many companies have appointment schedulers online.

You can browse first, then meet your appointment.

With many stores cutting capacity, appointments ensure you will be able to shop. You also don't want to be browsing in a store with many people.

4. Live Chat

Live Chat has become a preferred resource for many people. You can talk to someone without having to shop in a store. You get the answers you want in a minimal amount of time.

5. Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments are another good time-saving idea. It's like a combination of Live Chat and an appointment.

You can see the product through your phone and talk to a salesperson as they guide you through the store without having to be in the store.

6. During Tax-Free Weekend, Head Out Early

If you still want to shop that weekend, head out early to your prime destinations.

By prime, I refer to the big-ticket items. If you're waiting in line for three hours for a few $20 items, you may find that your time is worth more.

7. Buy Online

You can also save time by buying online as long as the store processes the order before 12 AM on Sunday.

Web orders are great for commodities like dishwashers or laundry, but you still may want to speak to someone for more detailed purchases or processes like installation.

8. Shop Smart to Avoid Exchanges

You lose the tax advantage if the refrigerator or sofa does not fit and has to be exchanged after Tax-Free Weekend.

Be careful about bigger items if you're unsure of the product or style.

Exchanges are taxable for the full amount.

Pro Tip: Many stores have dedicated staff members who can help you with measurements, ensuring that you choose the right size. Don't hesitate to ask for their assistance before making a purchase or even before the tax holiday.

9. Check Store Hours

This may seem baffling, but smaller stores rarely change their hours for this weekend.

Larger stores and chains will be open for extended hours. Take advantage either early or late. But start early if you can.

10. Beware of Credit Card Fraud

This may seem obvious, but never provide your credit card information online unless the site is secure.

You can check by looking at your URL link at the top of the page. It should have a lock or say "secure."

11. Ask About the Delivery Process

You want to be very specific about your delivery requirements while leaving yourself flexible.

Typically, a store will sell two months of business in two days so specific dates will be tough.

Historically, delivery is the toughest part of Tax-Free Weekend and will be worse this year.

12. Be Careful Where You Purchase

Anyone can take an order. Shipping is another matter entirely.

I said that last year.

However, this year you may have a new problem. With the recession, certain stores may stay closed.

Be very careful.

Warning signs include:

  • Nobody answering the phone
  • Old displays show they can't spend money reinvesting
  • Nobody is there during regular hours
  • Reviews complaining of long lead times

You must check reviews.

Tax-Free Weekend brings a surge of business that is equivalent to six weeks of sales crammed into just two days. You want to ensure that store can execute your delivery on time.

Yale Save the Tax Promotion: August 1st-11th

Yale Tax-Free Holiday August 1-11th

I seldom, if ever, talk about Yale in a promotional sense.

The blog wasn’t created for that.

However, we have a warehouse to move to on November 1, so this paragraph must be the exception.

  • August 1-11: We will pay the tax on qualifying in-stock products. You can beat the lines and even have it delivered before tax-free weekend. You can save an additional 6.25% by paying with our Yale credit card. You can apply here or in-store.
  • August 12-13: You won't pay any sales tax on all products under $2,500. Again, you can save an additional 6.25% by paying with our Yale credit card.

We will also have special packages, install deals, and 0% financing.

The Yale Warehouse Clearance: Save Up to 50%

We are moving our two warehouses in Stoughton to one in Norton, hopefully on November 1st, 2023.

So we will be clearing out the warehouse to our Dorchester outlet every day from August 1-12th.

So you can save way more than 6.25% on appliances up to 50% because we would rather not move all these appliances.

However, you have to take delivery within ten days.

You can see the clearance FAQ below.

Yale Warehouse Clearance Sale


Answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Warehouse Clearance Sale.

Are the Appliances Under Warranty?

Is the Warehouse Clearance Sale in the Yale Appliance Boston Showroom only?

Can I Purchase an Extended Warranty?

Do I Need to Take a Delivery?

What Are the Average Discounts?

Can I Place My Order on Layaway?

What If I Don't See Anything I Like?

Are All Sale Items Final Sale?

Are the Appliances New or Used?

In Summary:

  • You can save the equivalent of the sales tax on in-stock appliances only from August 1st-11th.
  • You must take delivery within two weeks.
  • Orders must be paid in full unless you use your Yale card.
  • Brand exclusions apply. See your salesperson for details.

Our Final Advice for Tax-Free Weekend


In summary, plan your weekend a couple of weeks before. Develop your list early and competitively shop.

Start with your high-ticket items or items that will save you the most money.

Look at the pre-tax holiday sales closely. They may be your best bet to receive your products on time.

Use Live Chat and virtual appointments to maximize your time and limit waiting at a store.

Then generate quotes beforehand. During that weekend, call and have those quotes turned into orders.

That's the key to maximizing your savings and avoiding crowds.

Remember, you want to be sure of your purchases. Exchanges after that weekend are taxable.

Also, be careful where you shop. Check reviews of the stores beforehand to understand what will happen after the sale.

Ask tons of questions and get all promises and details in writing. Call me a skeptic, but the written word always trumps the spoken promise.

However, saving 6.25% is a small consolation to buying the couch or stove you hate, so don't be pressured into making a purchase.

Appliance and furniture sales are predictable. The next one is Black Friday - less than 90 days away.

Tax-Free Weekend


Answers to the most commonly asked questions about MA Tax-Free Weekend.

What Is the Massachusetts Tax-Free Holiday?

What Items Are Eligible for the Tax-Free Holiday?

Are There Any Limits on the Price or Quantity of Eligible Items?

Can I Use Coupons or Discounts During the Tax Holiday?

What If I Purchase an Item That Is Not Eligible for the Tax Exemption?

Can I Buy Items Online and Still Qualify for the Tax Exemption?

Is the Tax Holiday Only for Massachusetts Residents?

Can I Return or Exchange Items Purchased During the Tax Holiday?

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