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Bosch vs Electrolux Appliances: Who Is Better?

We will be comparing the German Bosch versus the Swedish Electrolux. Although they compete in the suddenly crowded mass-premium segment, Bosch has higher-end appliances in Thermador with Electrolux dominating the value segment with Frigidaire.

Still, if you are renovating, replacing or rebuilding, these two brands should be considered without question.

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First, they are both European companies yet few of these products are actually European. Bosch operates the largest dishwasher manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Cooking is built in the US as well, with the high-end refrigeration built in Turkey. Electrolux is manufactured in the US with refrigeration built in Mexico.

So let's look by category:


For any purchase under $450, Electrolux (under the Frigidaire label) clearly is the choice. Over $450, Bosch is the clear choice with better features and more models. Where Electrolux and Bosch compete over $1,000, once again Bosch is the better decision. Download our Dishwasher Buying Guide for more information.

bosch dishwasher SHE43RL5UC


electrolux dishwasher EIDW5905JS

Bosch Dishwasher


Electrolux Dishwasher


I like the style of Bosch and they have some decent models. Cooking seems to be Electrolux's pedigree both under the Frigidaire label and Electrolux with tons of models and features from $500-$3,500. Electrolux offers induction in 4 models, whereas Bosch does not offer induction as of this writing.

bosch range HES5L53U


electrolux range EI30EF55GS

Bosch Electric Range


Electrolux Electric Range


Once again, Bosch and Thermador own the high-end with integrated and true professional refrigerators. Electrolux and Frigidaire almost have a monopoly on top mounts (freezer on the top). In the counter depth refrigerator market where they do actually compete, Electrolux offers a side by side and french door whereas Bosch markets just the side by side. However, Bosch seems to be more reliable then the first generation Electrolux. They are on the second generation at Electrolux, so we will see. All refrigeration topics are covered in our Refrigerator Buying Guide.

bosch refrigerator B22CS30SNS


electrolux refrigerator EI28BS36IS

Bosch Refrigerator


Electrolux Refrigerator

Built-Ins (Wall Ovens and Cooktops)

Both are competitive, but Bosch has a more compelling wall oven story with both brands, Bosch and Thermador. Interestingly enough, the Bosch induction cooktop is better with more power in the middle burner. Gas professional and regular cooktops are better under the Bosch and Thermador brands with better power and simmer control.

bosch wall oven HBL5450UC


electrolux wall oven EW30EW55GW

Bosch Wall Oven


Electrolux Wall Oven

So how do you decide? Value end to Electrolux. High end to Bosch. In the middle to high end, that really depends on what you consider important.

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