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U-Line vs. True Clear Ice Makers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Amy Ross

For many years, you had limited options for buying icemakers. Sub-Zero, Scotsman, U-Line and Marvel were the best brands. True started manufacturing icemakers in 2014 and the product and company are totally different.

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The 5 Most Serviced Appliance Brands

by Steve Sheinkopf

We have already shared the most reliable brands and now we share the not so reliable.

This post is deliberately yet consistently unfair. If we have to send a tech for a minor issue, it is logged as a service visit. We do not distinguish between minor, major, installation or customer information problems. If we send a tech out, then it counts as a call.

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True vs. Marvel Undercounter Beverage Centers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Danny Nguyen

Beverage centers are the most popular type of under counter refrigerator. A beverage center is a combination of refrigerator space and wine storage. Generally they have one or two wine racks on the top or bottom and a single temperature zone.

True and Marvel are two manufacturers with extensive refrigeration manufacturing backgrounds. True Professional Series is a division of True Manufacturing Company which has been an industry leader for over 65 years. You may recognize their logo from convenience stores and supermarkets beverage and food coolers. True has just recently jumped into the residential undercounter refrigeration segment with some pretty impressive products.

Marvel was formed in 1932 when they started manufacturing undercounter ice boxes. Their wine cooler are consistently among the highest rated. Both brands manufacture their products here in the U.S.

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Topics: Marvel, Undercounter Refrigerators, True, Beverage Centers

True Undercounter Residential Refrigerators (Prices/Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

I love selling professional grade products.

Real professional products have better longevity as they are expected to work in adverse conditions.

Unfortunately, most commercial products, especially refrigerators, do not meet residential energy standards...until now.

True Refrigeration

The True Professional Series is a division of the True manufacturing company. The True Manufacturing Company was founded in 1945 in O’Fallon, MO. The True manufacturing company is widely known for producing commercial refrigeration.

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Topics: Undercounter Refrigerators, True

True Professional 42 Inch Built In Refrigerator (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

If you went refrigerator shopping 30 years ago, you had two main choices for refrigerators either white or almond, then black became the prestige color.

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Topics: New Products, True, Ranges

True vs. GE Monogram Undercounter Beverage Centers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Neil Katz

In today’s design of new kitchens, great rooms and basement playrooms, the homeowners are looking for alternative ways to store different types of drinks and food without running to the main refrigerator.

Undercounter refrigerators can store cans and food, but not wine. Wine units are meant to store just wine in their custom shelving. Beverage centers, on the other hand, can store every item.

A beverage center can store up to 16 bottles of wine for short term storage. You can place cans or bottles of beer and drinks for the kids. Plus you can hold deli platters and other types of food in there. Beverage centers have a multi-purpose use in a home. It can also be used in an outdoor application for certain brands.

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Best Kitchen Appliance Warranties (Reviews/Ratings)

by Jessica Petrino

Warranties are crucial in the appliance industry today. Household appliances are expensive purchases for most consumers and have become more expensive to service.

Due to increases in energy efficiency standards appliances are more efficient than they used to be saving you money, however they are more prone to service.

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True vs SubZero Undercounter Beverage Centers (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

True and Sub-Zero are now competitors in the undercounter beverage center niche for the first time.

True has always been commercial, while Sub-Zero is residential. Both are the highest quality.

Freestanding vs. Undercounter Refrigeration

Customers always wonder how the same size refrigerator with the same capacity can be so different in price. You can buy a basic refrigerator for $200-$400 like a Frigidaire, Summit or endless import names versus $1,100-$3,500 for a Sub-Zero, U-Line or True.

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