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Steve Sheinkopf  |  February 09, 2015  |  3 Min. Read

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Microwaves. They were supposed to change the way we cook when Litton created the microwave in the 1970s. Instead for most of us, they changed how we popped popcorn.

After many years of being an afterthought, microwaves have a buzz about them again. It's not the killer cooking application, there are reasons to look at a microwave again


Microwaves vs. Speed Ovens

In the 1980s, we called them convection microwaves. Flash forward 30 years, and the technology is similar. Convection microwaves use fan forced convection heat for the majority of cooking with a microwave assist for speed.

Let's say you are baking. The convection/microwave ratio is 90% convection and 10% microwave. Roasting is 70% convection, 30% microwave, because meats are denser and require more microwaves for speed. Most speed ovens have automatic settings, so you don't have to program for most cooking.

GE's Advantium technology uses high powered halogen bulbs to produce the same outcome as fan based convection.


Above is a Sharp microwave next to a Miele Speed oven. You can read more about Speed Ovens with The Best Steam Ovens.

Early Built In Microwaves

Microwaves were originally designed to be placed on a counter. Over the years, more people wanted it off the counter and built into a cabinet. Microwaves need to exhaust heat, so the trim kit was created.


The metal louvers allow the heat to be expelled through the front. Trim kits are not especially good looking and do not match most wall ovens.

Microwave Drawers

Sharp actually created the drawer about 5 years ago. Every other manufacturer labels the Sharp except for Miele. Drawers have a few advantages over the old microwave and trim kit.

First they match wall ovens exactly...


They are also more functional in an island, because you do not have to bend down for your food. They are also more accessible for children and provide a remote secondary cooking unit.


Flush Mounting

This may be a detail, but mounting the drawer flush is just better looking


Sharp does produce all the drawers, but Bosch, Thermador and Jenn-Air are the only drawers designed to be mounted flush. Miele does as well.

Last Thoughts

Drawers are a great idea matching over a wall oven or in an island. It allows you way more flexibility in your design.

The only downside would be the price at over $1,000 versus half that for a microwave and matching trim kit.

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