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A Real Review of the BlueStar Platinum Range (Ratings)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  January 02, 2017  |  3 Min. Read

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It’s funny, but pro ranges have become more feature oriented with sealed burners, one touch controls and even steam assist. BlueStar, on the other hand, is more like a restaurant range in terms of function and overall appearance.

However, they do have some interesting updated features, especially in their Platinum line. We compared BlueStar to other popular pro ranges in this video, so you can see what may be better for you and your family.

BlueStar Platinum Range Video Review

BlueStar Features and Comparison to Competition

Video Thumbnail


In an era when most pro ranges are becoming more feature-oriented, BlueStar has remained true to their commercial roots. We’ll look at their BlueStar Platinum line and compare it to Miele, Thermador, Wolf, and Jenn-Air.

BlueStar’s burners are all open with output up to 25,000 BTU. This is way more powerful than the sealed burners Wolf and Jenn-Air, which only go up to 20,000. Open burners allow for the higher heat but you do need to clean under them. However, you disassemble them and clean them in your sink.

BlueStar Platinum has a reversible grill or griddle. So you have an advantage of converting when you want instead of a having permanent unit. However the integrated units have more consistent temperature for more even cooking, especially the infrared gas ones from Miele and Wolf.

BlueStar 36 inch Platinum Series Range

As far as electronic controls go...well, BlueStar doesn’t have any - not even a clock. This is a dramatic contrast to the Jenn-Air or Miele Master-Chef system that has one-touch controls for everything you could possibly cook.

BlueStar is the only pure convection gas oven. The heat is driven from behind the fan for a very even temperature distribution. Other high-end ranges are dual-fuel with electric convection. Gas produces a more moist heat which is better for roasting. Whereas electric is better for baking. Again, BlueStar is exclusively gas.

BlueStar also has 750 different colors to choose from, with 8 trim packages. So your range could be totally unique.

If you’re looking for an integrated grill or a one-touch control and do a lot of baking, BlueStar may not be your best choice. However, if you want high-heat to cook larger items fast and love to roast, or want a different product color for your kitchen, then you should definitely consider a BlueStar range.

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