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Differences Between La Cornue Albertine, 110 and 1908 Ranges (Reviews/Ratings)

April 28th, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Danny Nguyen

Over the years, La Cornue had a large request from their customers to build a more affordable range, with the quality and esthetic appeal of the Chateau Series.

So in 2005 Xavier Dupuy the grandson of La Cornue’s founder, created their CornuFe Series. You should look at these ranges because La Cornue executes color options better than any other appliance manufacturer.

This series is offered in two sizes, either 43 Inches wide or 34.5 wide, and is available in eight colors with three trims.

La Cornue’s objective has always been the same; state of the art performance and design. These ranges are considered Dual Fuel; gas top with electric oven. For both ranges, the top configuration is the same. They offer 5 powerful sealed brass burners, with a high output of 17,500 on their large center burner.

There is a French plaque accessory which can cover the center burner. The plaque turns the surface into a flat heated cooking surface, where the center is the hottest. As you move outward, it is cooler, similar to what you’d see at a hibachi restaurant.

The La CornuFe 90 Albertine Range will feature a large electric convection oven with two fans and three heating elements. In addition, this range has one wire rack, one large tray equipped with a grill pan, a pastry tray as well as one telescopic rack. The range also has a storage drawer underneath.


The Le CornuFe 110 Range has the same configuration on the top surface as the above range, but offers a larger width at 43 inches wide, as well as two ovens. One of the ovens includes the dual convection fans, which will allow for seven cooking modes, and the second is a natural electric convection oven.


The 1908 Range (which is the year they started making ranges) keeps the same top configuration as the CornuFe series, however uses the same oven as featured in La Cornue’s signature Chateau Series ovens. This range is 36 inches wide, with a gas top and oven, but with an electric broiler.


The reason for the electric broiler is you’re able to control the range of temperature more consistently than a gas broiler. Gas broilers tend to do well with super high heat when searing, but can be very difficult to set at a low temperature. The electric broiler offers calrod elements that run the full width and depth of the interior’s top oven cavity.

In addition, this oven will have La Cornue’s signature vaulted oven. The ovens interior is cast iron and double walled, with a curved top. This dome like shape allows for heat to evenly circulate throughout the oven when cooking, creating a natural convection environment without the need of fans. This oven is deeper than standard cabinets at almost 28 inches.

In conclusion

What I found interesting with any of these ranges, is that they are not self-cleaning. Self-cleaning typically is a 900 degree cycle where everything is incincerated. It’s actually not recommended to self-clean in ovens often, because it can wear on the enamel interior. This can cause the oven to be uneven and cook less consistently.

The La Cornue lifestyle is different than traditional American stoves. La Cornue ranges are meant for one rack cooking. The oven is very deep and allows more cooking on one level. It is a testament to the French passion for cooking.

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