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Best Yale Pro, Decorative, Wood and Under Cabinet Hoods (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

Proper ventilation is very important in a new home, especially if you like to cook. You do not want lingering odors in your home and grease in your kitchen. At the same time, Massachusetts has new make-up air laws, so you want your new vent to pass inspection.

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Attractive Make-Up Air Hoods with ACT Technology (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Jessica Petrino

The average kitchen accumulates four gallons of grease per year. To protect your kitchen cabinetry, walls, and ceiling, proper ventilation is an essential part of any kitchen. Ventilation is one of the trickiest parts of kitchen design to understand because it is conceptually abstract.

If you want to pass inspection on any permitted job, you need to pay very close attention to local codes. With a new hood, range, or cooktop purchase in Massachusetts you need to know about make-up air.

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Best Ventilation Hoods For Professional Gas Ranges (Reviews/Ratings)

by Danny Nguyen

Proper ventilation is one of the most important factors in a kitchen.

As professional stoves increase higher BTU output, there is an important need for more powerful venting.

Professional hoods help to remove smoke, steam, and odors produced when cooking.

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Best Looking 30 Inch Chimney/Pyramid/European Hoods

by Neil Katz

Chimney hoods are triangular shaped, European inspired vents. They are considered the most attractive hood option and often are the focal point of the kitchen.

There are two considerations for any vent. The primary function function of the hood is to remove steam, grease, smoke and odors that can stain walls and damage cabinets. 4 gallons of grease can accumulate in a poorly vented kitchen per year. Venting is about the right size hood, good blower speed or CFM as well as good ducting to push the smoke and heat. We cover all that in the Yale Ventilation Buyers Guide.

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Top 3 Custom Range Wood Hood Inserts (Reviews/Ratings/Prices/Best)

by Paul Groux

In general there are 5 different styles of range hoods. Regular (undercabinet) and microwave hoods designed for regular ranges. Pro hoods tend to be larger and deeper for professional and commercial style cooking. Downdrafts are for island installations.

A custom insert is number 5 and consists of the interior filters, switches and lights of a hood. The blower can be installed within the insert or located in an external location. The hood can now become a focal point of your kitchen rather than a large piece of stainless steel mounted on the wall. The most common method of covering an insert is wood cabinetry and is more custom looking than any of the other options.

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A Review of the Best New, Coolest and Unusual Appliances of 2012

by Steve Sheinkopf

Hard to believe, it's the end of another year. As I reflect on this year, there were great new introductions. However, there was not a great quantity. In fact, I could only find 8.

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The Five Coolest Appliances In Boston

by Steve Sheinkopf

We have approximately 1,000 appliances on display including 9 working kitchens. At a certain level, there is a similarity to it all. The two rows of stainless dishwashers look similar, as do the ranges, refrigerators, etc. Every unique product is copied over time.

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