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Chris Wurlitzer  |  March 01, 2014  |  3 Min. Read

Slide-In Ranges  |  Yale Appliance University

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This new installment of Yale Appliance University features the most common questions about Slide-In Ranges. We explain the difference between a slide-in and freestanding range and the unique requirements for installation. Make sure to look for the bonus links below for more information.

Slide-In Ranges


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Hi folks, it’s Chris Wurlitzer from Yale appliance + Lighting in Boston, MA. We're back again with another round of commonly asked questions. Today we are going to talk about slide-in ranges. What is a slide-in range and what brands do we sell here at Yale Appliance + Lighting. Be sure to follow the links to get more detailed information about this and other topics.

So why would you buy a slide in range over a standing range?

Well, one of the great features is that the controls are on the front so you don’t have to reach other a hot pan to change the temperature or cooking mode.

Cleaning is a lot easier than on a freestanding range as well too. The cooktop over hangs onto the counter tops, so if you have a freestanding range, you know how those crumbs fall in between the range and the counter top, I hate that.

Functionality and Style

But the best is the look, isn’t it sexy? Don’t you just want to take it home? It’s such a sleek look you can actually see the entire back splash all the way down to the counter without an obstruction of the control panel.

Slide in ranges are available in gas, electric, duel fuel and my favorite induction.So you have every cooking fuel out there that you would on a standard standing range plus because these are pretty higher end products, they come with a lot of features; convection, double ovens, warming drawers, self cleaning, and temperature probes. They’re all pretty standard on slide in ranges.

Key Tips

Its really important to let your contractor know that you’ve chosen a slide in range so he can prep the opening accordingly so make sure that your sales associate gives you your detailed specifications for that product so your installation goes as smooth as possible.

Well that’s it for now make sure to subscribe so you get the next round of updates, Thank you. 

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Chris Wurlitzer

Chris Wurlitzer works as an Appliance Sales Associate with Yale Appliance + Lighting. He has 24 years of sales experience. Chris enjoys helping people and is a father of four. He is also an avid Spartan racer.

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