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What Is the Best Detergent for Front Load Laundry?

May 24th, 2013 | 3 min. read

By William Hanley

Front load laundry exploded in popularity in 2000. High efficiency top and front loaders are almost a standard in 2013 using far less energy and water, yet with much larger capacity. The detergents, however, did not really evolve. Even today, most of the powders are not designed for these machines, but for traditional top loaders.

High efficiency detergent has to be concentrated, because you are only washing with 10-15 gallons instead of 42 gallons of a regular top loading machine.


Introduced in 1907, Persil is notable because it was the first commercially available "self-activated" laundry detergent. The name, Persil, is derived from two of its original ingredients, perborate and silicate. While virtually unknown in the United States, it is Unilever's premium brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Persil is sold in powder, liquid detergent, liquid capsule, liqui-gel and tablet forms, with several "environment friendly" products. Upscale German appliance manufacturer, Miele, acts as a direct importer of Persil products into Canada and the United States, where they can only be purchased at licensed appliance dealers such as Yale, where it is sold for $19.99 for a 1.35-liter bottle. It is marketed as a premium German import that is the "officially recommended" detergent for its washing machines.

Bill's Story

While the price may seem costly when compared with more popular detergent brands such as Tide of Wisk, the strength of Persil requires less detergent per load and the results are unquestionable. I brought home Persil for my wife to try. While the clothes smelled wonderful and seemed cleaner, we did not notice a huge difference from our old detergent until my twelve year old son fell going up a flight of stairs. He was running up the flight of hardwood stairs when he slipped and fell, hitting his face on the stair tread, biting through his lower lip and breaking his two front teeth. My wife and I rushed him to the ER.

The amount of blood all over the front of his gray t-shirt (and the stairs) was incredible. The next day, my wife washed the T-shirt and shorts he had been wearing in Persil. With the blood dried and set, she was sure the stains would never come out. Unbelievably, after only one washing the blood was completely gone!

Persil is not only great at getting rid of stains, but odors as well. Nothing smells worse than a seventeen year old boy's football pads (except maybe hockey pads)! And every parent knows the shirts word under or over the pads take on this awful scent. We had run out of Persil and my wife bought another brand. Even three and four washes, plus spraying Febreeze on the shirts would not take away the odor. I brought home more Persil and in one wash the smell was gone. My wife swears by Persil and has told all the other football moms of its magical properties!

Types of Persil

Henkel's Persil Color Gel keeps your colors brilliant

Supplies are limited of this hard to find 20-load size of Persil Color Gel is a heavy duty gel liquid detergent suitable for all washable fabrics. Its stain remover cleans the most stubborn stains even in cold wash cycles (as low as 68°F). Persil Color Gel Liquid Detergent has the cleaning power you expect from Henkel.

persil color gel detergent

Keep colors vibrant with Persil Universal Gel Liquid Detergent.

Persil Universal Gel Detergent (formerly known as Persil Power Gel and Persil Kraft Gel) is a heavy duty liquid gel detergent that cleans deeply into fabric fibers to remove the most stubborn stains. Persil Universal features a color protection formula to keep your brightest colors at their peak of brilliance. Persil is formulated to reduce its impact on the environment and cleans all washable fabrics.

persil universal gel detergent

Keep your clothes newer for longer with Persil detergent

Persil Laundry Detergent is a premium quality, heavy duty powder detergent that reaches deep into fabric fibers to clean the most stubborn stains. A fresh crisp, clean scent lasts all day. Persil combines an anti-graying formula to keep your whites dazzling with a powerful stain fighter that cleans stains from the deepest fiber. Suitable for all washable fabrics, Persil is also formulated to reduce its impact on the environment. Persil is the best selling laundry soap in Europe.

persil detergent powder 50 loads

Henkel's Persil Black Gel with "Black Fix" keeps your blacks from fading

Formerly known as Persil Black Expert, Persil Black Gel with "Black Fix" dye release inhibitor and special enzymes that retain dark colors and prevent fading even with frequent washing. Persil Black Gel provides you with heavy duty Persil cleaning power even in cold wash cycles (as low as 68°F [20°C]) while providing long lasting protection for your dark and black fabrics.

persil black gel

Miele Persil Sensitive Megaperls Detergent 1.215 kg Pouch

Also known in Germany as Persil Sensitiv or Megaperls Sensitiv, Persil Sensitive is a heavy duty detergent that is gentle enough for even a baby's skin or for any person with sensitive skin. This new dermatologically tested formula containing almond milk and aloe vera is now suitable for washing in temperatures as low as 68°F (20°C). Be sure and try using Persil Sensitive together with Perwoll Sensitive fabric softener (Also known as Perwoll Megaperls Sensitiv). Persil Sensitive's easy to open 1.215 kg pouch contains approximately 18 wash loads.

persil sensitive megaperls

Shaban Banushi

William Hanley is an appliance sales consultant at Yale Appliance + Lighting. Before joining Yale, William worked for twenty years in jewelry sales and is a lifelong Patriots and RedSox fan.

Read more about William here.

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