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What Are The Best Appliance Brands? (Reviews/Ratings)

January 20th, 2014 | 5 min. read

By Steve Sheinkopf

Nearly every day on the sales floor I get the question “if you were purchasing appliances for your kitchen which brand would you choose?”

My answer varies depending on the customer to push the point that there are great brands at every price point. My kitchen at home has products from several manufacturers; Sub-Zero refrigerator, Thermador and Gaggenau cooking products, Bosch dishwasher, and a Sharp microwave.

Although brand mixing is not always the most cost effective option for many customers I explain that there are great products out there for every customer at a wide variety of prices.


Bosch was a brand that pioneered the concept of “affordable luxury”. Bosch products are manufactured by the BSH Corporation and popular brand in the European and North American markets. Although they are well known for manufacturing luxurious dishwashers, they also produce great cooking, refrigeration, and laundry as well. Bosch is one of the most reliable brands we carry and is a favorite “affordable luxury” brand. Bosch typically runs great rebates so we almost always have a good Bosch package promotion.

bosch kitchen package tax holiday 2013

What I like about Bosch…

Bosch markets 3 series of products so their line is appealing to nearly every customer looking for “affordable luxury”. Bosch produces the 300, 500, and 800 series. In the 300 series you will find good looking products with desirable features at an affordable price. This is desirable for the customer looking to replace their existing kitchen appliances or remodeling on a budget (you will still achieve a dishwasher with a full stainless steel interior or an induction cooktop in this series).

The 500 series will offer more advanced features such as convection in the cooking products and a third cutlery rack on the dishwashers. The 800 series is great for consumers looking for a semi-professional kitchen. This series has built-in and freestanding refrigeration options, wall ovens with true European convection, and some of the best dishwashers in the industry.


Although in the past Jenn-Air experienced a questionable service history, they were bought by the Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool made a huge investment to revive this brand and today Jenn-Air is their premium brand. Jenn-Air products are appealing to customers who are looking for “affordable luxury” and professional style kitchens. Jenn-Air runs great promotions, so whether you are looking for “affordable luxury” or professional style products, chances are Jenn-Air has a good package for you. The package below was the best seller in 2013 at $4,799 with a counter depth refrigerator, convection stove, convection microwave and integrated dishwasher.

jennair kitchen package tax holiday 2013

What I like about Jenn-Air…

Designing a kitchen is a huge financial commitment for most customers. The big decisions when deciding on an appliance budget are typically “built-in versus freestanding refrigeration”, “cooktop and wall ovens versus a range”, and “do we want a professional looking range?”

With a Jenn-Air kitchen you have the freedom to have that professional style range you always wanted with a freestanding French-door counter-depth refrigerator and stay within your budget. Jenn-Air also produces the only 42’’ French door built-in refrigerator in the industry, and is the only brand still producing a downdraft range.


Thermador is a luxury brand manufactured by the BSH Corporation. Thermador produces some of the best cooking products in the industry and their integrated refrigeration is very attractive. Thermador is also one of the most reliable appliance brands in the industry. They are continuing their one-two-free promotion (buy a cooking product and receive a free dishwasher) next year so you can still purchase a great appliance package for your springtime project or renovation.

thermador 3 piece kitchen package tax holiday 2013

What I like about Thermador…

Thermador is great for the customer looking to put together a professional kitchen yet is still budget-conscious. In the Thermador line you will find a gas burner with 18k BTU output and an extra low simmer, a built-in refrigeration in a 24’’ deep cabinet, and an induction cooktop that will detect your pans wherever you choose to place them on the cooktop surface.

I especially like the one-two-free promotion with free dishwashers and ventilation with qualifying purchases. Receiving a free dishwasher and free ventilation can really help a customer purchase the professional style range and built-in refrigerator they dreamed of without breaking the bank.

Sub Zero/Wolf

Sub-Zero is a family-owned company that produces high quality American-made refrigeration. They pioneered the built-in market and are known for manufacturing excellent refrigerators and wine storage units. The other day a customer asked me “why would you buy a Sub-Zero? Is it for the look or prestige?” My answer is simple: You may purchase a Sub-Zero for the look however, the dual compressors, air purification system, and great warranty are the hallmarks of a truly better product. There are few manufacturers with a quality focus like Sub-Zero.

Sixteen years ago Sub-Zero purchased Wolf and revolutionized professional cooking products. Wolf ranges are easily recognized by the red knobs and dual convection fans inside the oven. They also manufacture great wall ovens and cooktops.


What I like about Sub Zero/ Wolf…

In my college apartment I purchased fresh produce every three days because that was the life expectancy of produce in that inexpensive top-mount refrigerator. In my Sub-Zero refrigerator at home I need to purchase produce every two weeks, and the manufacturer claims that you can keep lettuce fresh for up to 30 days.

Sub-Zero and Wolf are the gold standard for refrigeration and professional cooking.


Miele is a family-owned appliance company in Germany. They are a vertically integrated company meaning that their products are almost entirely designed, manufactured, and assembled in Germany. In the industry today the average life of an appliance is about 6-10 years. Miele products are engineered for 20 years. Miele places very high priority on the superior quality of their products. As a result, Miele (along with Gaggenau) has the best service history of any brand in the industry. Miele produces products largely for high-end customers.


What I like about Miele…

Appliances are expensive and time consuming to service. We take pride on our ability to service the products we sell. We want our customers to have the best experience possible with their kitchen appliances. I only want to sell my customers reliable products with a good service history and great support from the manufacturer.

Unless you are receiving a dishwasher for free with your kitchen package you really should consider a Miele dishwasher (they start at $999). When you see one on the floor you will immediately recognize the quality of its components. The same concept is true with the remainder of their products, excellent quality appliances with advanced features.

Their refrigerators and high-end dishwashers you can purchase remote vision modules that notify you when a product needs service or when the refrigerator door was left open for an extended period of time. I like how Miele is constantly incorporating high-end technological features into their products.


Gaggenau is the premium brand in the BSH Corporation. Gaggenau appliances are seen in some of the most luxurious kitchens around the world. There are very few brands in the appliance industry that do not build their products for price; Gaggenau is one of those brands.


What I like about Gaggenau…

The majority of customers when designing their kitchens are looking for appearance, features, and reliability. For the customer looking to build a high-end kitchen Gaggenau offers all three. In my opinion Gaggenau designs the most attractive appliances in the industry, especially their ovens and refrigerators. Their ovens stand out because they have a side-swing door, blue interior and truly unique style.

Their refrigerators have a stainless steel interior to preserve food for longer. Gaggenau offers the most versatility in your kitchen design. Their ovens have the most cooking modes of any products in the industry. Instead of purchasing a cooktop, you can design your ideal cooking surface by combining hobs such as gas, induction, or a Teppanyaki. Gaggenau stands behind the quality of their products by offering the best warranty in the appliance industry. Gaggenau is for the customer that tells me “I want the best, that is all that matters”. Their 7 year warranty is the best in the far.

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