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Best Bathroom Wall Sconces (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Monica Kao

Lighting seems pretty easy to plan, think about it. In living spaces, you are often turning down the lights to watch TV or play a game. If you want to read a book in the bedroom, you can always add a lamp on a nightstand.

For the kitchen and bathrooms, there is more planning required. These rooms have to be properly lit because of the activities that it entails like cooking and shaving, which can be dangerous in a poorly lit environment.

In this article, we will look at how to light a bathroom and then show you some inexpensive yet attractive wall sconces.

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Topics: Bathroom Lighting, Wall Sconces

How To Light a Bathroom Mirror With Sconces

by Felisberto Silva

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom might require the most serious amount of planning for your lighting.

Like any room, we typically recommend using the four types of lighting to make sure the room is properly illuminated – general, task, accent, and decorative.

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Topics: Bathroom Lighting, Wall Sconces

How To Light a Contemporary Bathroom With Wall Sconces

by Steve Sheinkopf

This is the second edition of Makeover Monday. We will show you a few easy tips using real life examples. I think you will really learn and have some solid takeaways.

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Topics: Bathroom Lighting, Wall Sconces, Makeover Monday, Contemporary

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