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Northeast Lantern Onion Lights (Reviews/Ratings)

by Monica Kao

Your outdoor lights are probably pitted, rusted or discolored. Dont feel bad, your neighbors are as well.

New England is on the Atlantic, and the salty air corrodes outdoor decorative hardware and lighting fixtures. Unfortunately, most lighting is produced to be inexpensive rather than solid and weather tight. The average outdoor light will last 3-5 years before rusting.

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Best Outdoor Onion Lights: Norwell, Hinkley and Northeast Lantern

by Monica Kao

Onion lights, as they are called, have been a staple to the lighting industry almost forever. The original design dates back to the early 1800’s for use on railroads and the shipping and fishing industry. The clear glass globe was the start of the style and the wire cages were added after for additional protection.

Onion lights offer a historic look and a large variety of mounting options and sizes. Today you can get them in wall mounted, hanging, ceiling mounted and post lantern versions and from very small to very large sizes. There are many manufacturers of this style of light fixture and quality is the most important factor. Based on the location around your home you may need some smaller and some larger fixtures. For instance the front door and garage fixtures may be larger than for a deck or back door.

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