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Best Low Profile, Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans (Reviews / Ratings)

by Felisberto Silva

Flush mount fans differ from regular fans because the motor mounts are flush to the ceiling rather than hanging from a stem.

The savings in height can be substantial, up to 8 inches. On shorter ceilings, flush mounts are the fan of choice. Then again, that may be your only choice.

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Best New Contemporary Ceiling Fans (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Dagmar Hemp

Contemporary ceiling fans have “blown” onto the scene with more excitement than ever. For many years if you were looking into contemporary fans you would have to spend a fortune for really what amounted to a basic fan in a metallic finish.

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How to Choose a Paddle Fan (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Dagmar Hemp

Ceiling fans have been popular for so many years- we all know they save energy by circulating cool air thus raising the thermostat, and sending warm air down from a high ceiling. But before choosing one (or more) there will be some factors to narrow down your search.

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10 Best Minka-Aire Paddle Fans (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Roger Pontes

How to Use a Paddle Fan

You probably think ceiling fans are just seasonal products but they can actually be used all year round. In the summer time you can use a ceiling fan to stay cool.

Paddle fans do not change the actual temperature and operate similarly to wind chill in the winter. It changes the perceived temperature on your skin by fanning the heat away from your body. 

In the winter, by reversing the fan, you will be redistributing warm air from the ceiling throughout the room

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Best Small Bedroom and Living Room Paddle/Ceiling Fans

by Roger Pontes

Ceiling fans can be used all year round. Some people think it’s a seasonal product but it’s actually not. In the summer you can use it to keep cool and in the winter use it to move warm air around the room. Heat rises so it is a good idea to have a ceiling fan to move that hot air around the room when you have your heater on.

Standard ceiling fans are normally 44” and 52” in blade span. Some people may have a small room that requires a smaller ceiling fan. There aren't many good looking small fans. However, we detail the best below.

You should really consider CFM or cubic foot per minute. This is a measurement of how many cubes of air the fan actually moves. One fan in particular will surprise you.

The Best Small Ceiling Fans

Spacesaver 26” by Minka-Aire - F510-WH ($150-$175)

  • 26” 3 Blades with a 14 Degree Blade Pitch
  • Flush Mount Install Ideal For Low Ceilings (10 ¾” total height)
  • 4-Speed Full Range Dimmer Wall Control (Optional Remote Control Sold Separately)
  • 50W Integrated Halogen Light
  • Airflow CFM of 1,250
  • Available in White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Steel Finishes
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

Supra 32” by Minka-Aire - F562-BS ($130-$150)

  • 3-Speed Pull Chain Control
  • Universal Light Kit Adaptable (Sold Separately)
  • 32” 6-Ply Warp Resistant with a 22 Degree Blade Pitch
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty
  • Wall Control or Remote Control Adaptable (Sold Separately)
  • Available in White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Steel Finishes
  • Airflow CFM of 5,995

Sundance 42” by Minka-Aire - F572-ORB ($150-$160)

  • 42” 5 Blades with a 12 Degree Blade Pitch
  • Stainless Steel Hardware and All Weather Blades
  • 3-Speed Pull Chain Control (Remote or Wall control sold separately)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use UL Listed for Wet Locations
  • Light Kits Sold Separately
  • Airflow CFM of 3,064
  • Available in White or Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

Wailea 31” by Casablanca – 41U45D ($219)

  • Traditional Indoor/Outdoor fan
  • 31” Blade Span
  • Available in White, Brushed Nickel, and Brushed Cocoa
  • (6) Blades at 25 Degrees Pitch
  • 3-Speed Pull Chain Control
  • Airflow CFM of 3,127

My Opinion

If you’re looking for a small fan to get some good air movement and keep your room cool, I would recommend the Minka Aire Supra 32”. This small ceiling fan has an airflow CFM of 5,995. That is more CFM than most 52” ceiling fans. It’s also available in some of the most popular finishes such as Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and White. For $150 you can get this good quality ceiling fan with a lifetime motor warranty. You can also add a light kit as well.

Couple of additional notes. You need at least a 7 foot ceiling by most state codes to acommodate a fan. Also, turn off the fan when you are not in the room. Paddle fans work by wind chill or perceived temperature on your skin. They do not actually lower the temperature.

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Roger Pontes has been with Yale Appliance + Lighting for over 9 years. He truly enjoys helping people and spending time playing basketball and riding motorcycles.

Read more about Roger here.

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Best Modern Paddle Fans Under $400 (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Felisberto Silva

If you wanted to buy a modern paddle fan 10 years ago, you had a choice: Go with a simple white fan or spend a small fortune of $700 for a designer piece. Today the market has so many styles and kinds of ceiling, but you can spend $99 for something truly different.

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Fans To Buy

by Steve Sheinkopf

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the demise of Casablanca Fan. Their products have become too expensive and too stodgy for today's market. So if they are out, who is in?

The answer is Minka Aire. Company is the polar opposite of Casablanca. They simply manufacture stylish, yet affordable paddle fans.

Have a look:

Quick reminder about the basics of fans:

1. They lower perceived temperature through wind chill not temperature reduction
2. Reverse the fan in the winter to disperse the heat and spread through the room
3. Since it does not lower the temperature, always shut off the fan when leaving the room

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Paddle Fans

by Steve Sheinkopf

Paddle fans used to be a Southern thing (I lived in New Orleans I can say that). In the old days, people would buy a white fan and call it a day. Now paddle fans are part light fixture, part design statement and part mover of air.

Paddle fans do not actually lower temperature. They, however, produce a wind chill effect or perceived temperature on the skin. Think of wind chill in the winter. It feels much colder outside with the wind blowing. Reverse the blades in the winter and the heat is disbursed from the ceiling.

There seems to be a changing of the guard in the industry. Casablanca once dominated, but now MinkaAire, Fanimation and Hudson Valley manufacture great fans.

Have a Look...

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