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What Are The Best Vintage, Antique Style Edison Light Bulbs (Price/Reviews)

by Roger Pontes

Many consumers are considering switching to LED to get more, brighter, whiter light. While it’s a wonderful and smart idea to become more energy-efficient with LED, there are some great, aesthetically pleasing antique-style Edison bulb alternatives worth investigating for a distinctive look. LED may be a more popular choice for task, but the Edison bulbs provide a simple solution to update fixtures and are a welcome break from the stark white light with their warm, pleasant glow.

I am not advocating placing Edison bulbs in track or recessed light. You want task lighting to be LED for efficiency and money savings. Decorative lighting like chandeliers, pendants and sconces are another story, because they do not light the room in a proper lighting plan.

Pairing a modern fixture with a reproduction Edison bulb also creates instant interest by mixing the old with the new. While the style tends to lend itself towards more traditional designs, seeing the bulbs in more modern fixtures would be great for any transitional-styled home and help to soften the hard lines of more modern design. In an opposite effect, these bulbs can also give a more industrial-style to more traditional fixtures with their rustic charm, old-fashioned finish, and novel shape.

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FutureLight LED EnergyStar Savings

by Steve Sheinkopf

Over the years, we have partnered with the folks from EnergyStar with AC buybacks (remember that?, crazy), dishwasher deals like the $49 dollar program in 2010 and other assorted programs.

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