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Can You Mix Finishes in Kitchens and Baths?

by Amy Zuckerman

Editor's Note: I am building a house. When I look at current trends, most kitchens now add one or two design elements. Like most, I was buying stainless faucets, stainless cabinet pulls, and stainless pendants. I like the mix better. It adds personality to your space. Think about it.

Can you mix finishes? The answer is an enthusiastic YES! I love the creativity it takes to use this design technique. Look at it as a "feel thing" when you are designing the lighting in a room. Today, the rules are to be broken! I will show you some awesome rule breaking kitchens I love.

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Topics: Plumbing, Kitchen Lighting

Best Unique Transitional Kitchen Pendants (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Henriette Rieu

The transitional style between modern and classic and is known as “New Classic.” Some elements of both can include clean lines and a quieter classic style. It marries simple and elegant elements. Transitional designs take the traditional and make it feel soft and warm.

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Topics: Pendant Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Transitional

Best Southwestern Style Lighting (Reviews / Prices)

by Henriette Rieu

The southwestern style starts with color, color and more color. This style is fun and lively as if a fiesta will break out at any time. 

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Topics: Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Southwestern Style

Tropical Style Lighting for Kitchens (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Amy Zuckerman

When you think of tropical lighting, it evokes images of sand between your toes, sun in your face and perhaps a cool libation in your hand. You are probably not thinking about New England especially in the Fall or Winter.

If you are reading this in the winter, I apologize. Sincerely.

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Topics: Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, tropical

Best Scandinavian Style Kitchen Lighting (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Henriette Rieu

The Scandinavian lighting design lends a feeling of clean, fresh air with a Zen-like simplicity.

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Topics: Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Scandinavian

Best Brass Kitchen Pendants (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Amy Zuckerman

Brass is back everyone! Not the brass that our grandparents had in the 70’s but a softer, more aged tone of brass. It is more of an organic finish rather than an old fashioned relic.

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Topics: Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Brass

Best Mid-Century Kitchen Lighting (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Jeff Tarascio

Mid-Century décor has been making a strong comeback, and in fact, may be more popular now than ever.

Magazines like Elle Décor and television sets like Mad Men and even The Daily Show feature décor that is Mid-Century.

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Topics: Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, MidCentury

Neoclassical Style Lighting for the Kitchen (Reviews/Ratings)

by Henriette Rieu

Neoclassical isn’t a design term that’s used around the Boston area quite as often as other, more current design terms, like Arts & Crafts, Shabby Chic, or Mid-Century Modern.

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Topics: Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Neoclassical

Best New England Style Traditional Kitchen Lighting (Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

New England style is still the most traditional part of the country. Our Brownstones and Colonial homes in the South End and Back Bay lend itself more specifically to a traditional type of lighting.

Small side note: I live in the South End and renovated my place 4 years ago, adding contemporary lighting throughout. Lighting is reflective to personal taste and can be suited to almost any environment.

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Topics: Lighting, Traditional, Kitchen Lighting

Best Colonial Style Kitchen Pendants and Flush Mounts

by Steve Sheinkopf

Since we are in New England, we have lots of Colonial Style homes and traditional style kitchens. Colonial inspired fixtures do not mean they have to be drab and traditional.

In this article, we'll go over what Colonial Style is and the best colonial style pendants and flush mounts.

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Topics: Pendant Lighting, Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Colonial

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