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Best Industrial Style Bath Sconces (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Henriette Rieu

Industrial Design is often described as the use of non-traditional materials and design features, often times with an urban feel. What’s a better place to incorporate this style than in the bathroom?

With so many materials available today from concrete, to reclaimed woods, to copper and galvanized steel, it’s easier than ever to find bathroom lighting fixtures in unique materials and styles to coordinate.

Whether you have room for side sconces, which is ideal, or you use a bath light bar, you can incorporate this style into your space.

What’s great is that you don’t have to be afraid to mix and match finishes and styles, if you love it, it will all work!

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Industrial Style Lighting for Kitchens

by Susan Burke

Industrial style trend was popularized when when old factories were converted to residential condominiums and rentals. The appeal was using products that have had a previous purpose.

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Topics: Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Industrial

Best Urban Lighting Fixtures (Reviews/Ratings)

by Dagmar Hemp

Over the past few years more and more customers are finding themselves using products that had a previous purpose. Reclaiming old wood from factories, barns and old buildings is not only practical but highly fashionable these days.

Urban living has also expanded to the outskirts of cities with old factories office buildings churches all being renovated to become housing for both high end living and sometimes more affordable options for some. The growing popularity of “STEAMPUNK” movement in art and fashion has also crossed over into the home.

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