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Frigidaire vs Whirlpool Cabrio Hybrid Top Load Washers (Reviews)

by Paul Groux

Frigidaire has a hybrid top load washer to compete with the industry leader, Whirlpool's hybrid top load washer.

In this article we'll go over the different types of washers, compare the machines, the companies and the technology so you can decide what is right for your home.

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Topics: Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Hybrid Washers

Hybrid Top Load vs Front Load Washers (Reviews/Ratings)

by William Hanley

Confused about the different types of washers out there? Don't be. We'll explain the three most popular styles of washers in this article so at the end you can decide which one would be right for your home.

Let's start at the very beginning before we compare the two most efficient washing machines.

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Topics: Front Load Washers, Laundry, Hybrid Washers

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