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Coolest Pull Down Kitchen Faucets (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

by Steve Sheinkopf

When building or remodeling a kitchen, there are many functional choices one must make as well as many decorative. Cabinets, paint colors, appliances, lighting fixtures, backsplash tile, the list goes on and on; excitement for your new project can quickly turn to frustration as there are so many decisions to be made. However, breaking down each category further into a couple of questions will help you determine the best products for you.

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by Steve Sheinkopf

When I was a wee lad, faucets were designed to be utilitarian. Now they are created for form and function. It was almost a requirement, as the Europeans designed better sinks there wasn't enough room for a traditional faucet as well as a hot and cold controller on the sink itself...
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Cool Things?

by Steve Sheinkopf

A couple of mini posts today...

Have a look at this Viking induction portable burner.

I actually like this unit. Its fast, portable and somewhat reasonable at $529: great ancillary burner.

Now look at this Blanco faucet:

$700-$800 for an LED light in the faucet....Seems like a ton of dough for very little functionality.

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Energy Tip Of the Day

by Steve Sheinkopf

I saw 60 Minutes last night for about 60 seconds before I became aggravated. Seems that a certain penguin is starving in droves, because their shrimp diet has been curtailed greatly. The shrimp live under the ice near the Antarctic. Unfortunately, there is no ice anymore, which means no shrimp, penguins, sharks and sooner or later we are sans fish at the local Whole Foods.

A couple more tips: Just as a FYI to new Yale Bloggers, our tips are easy and are designed to save energy, money and/ or time, the benefit to the environment is an added bonus

1. Fix the leaky faucet, even a drip per minute will waste 20 kilowatts per month

2. Turn up your refrigerator to 38-40 degrees. It will save a huge amount of energy and keep the food fresh
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New Sinks And Faucets

by Steve Sheinkopf

Appliances are amongst the most important products in your home from a resale perspective. But lets face it: 80% of the buying public is purchasing either stainless steel or integrated(panels) kitchens.

The real intriguing stuff to buy is lighting and plumbing. Lets look at some new products, so your house does not look like your neighbors.

Rohl Faucet reminds me of the retro Chicago faucets that are popular...Except Rohl can actually ship it. The sink is a KBX Franke. It is squared and cleaner than regular undermounts

New Rohl #1

Manor House faucet by Rohl has a nice traditional style to it

New Rohl #6

Franke stainless farm sink: Lets just pretend that farm sinks which are popular in traditional kitchens were never actually manufactured in stainless.

New Franke

99% of undermounts are stainless. Now you can try porcelain

New Sink #4

Farm sinks are a boomerang trend. They seem to be popular and then disappear for no conceivable reason. Then again, they do have to be planned in the kitchen much earlier

New Rohl #5

Nice faucet....You will be the envy of your basic pull out faucet buying neighbors

New Rohl #2
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Consumer Reports

by Steve Sheinkopf

I like Consumer Reports, and many consumers will refer to it when shopping for appliances. I will never understand how they rate the same item so differently. The Kenmore dishwasher is manufactured by either Whirlpool or Frigidaire. There are no Kenmore factories per se, yet the ratings are incredibly different.

They did have an interesting section how to save money on your kitchen. There were 10 points, 8 were related to our industry. Here is my take

1. Consumer Reports: Pro-style ranges perform similarly to regular ranges:
My Take: In many instances 2 out of the 4 burners will work identically to a pro range with similar performance in the range. This is a great place to save money, BUT only in a 30 inch space. Also, regular ranges do not have grill/griddle options or as valued when reselling high end homes/condos

2. Consumer Reports: Skip steam ovens
My Take: Its a pricey option, but steam leaves nutrients and is considered to be a healthier way of cooking than baking.

3. Consumer Reports: Skip Multimedia Refrigerators
My Take: Amen, buy a flat screen for $299 and a regular refrigerator.

4. Consumer Reports: Skip Turbocharged dishwashers.
My Take: There are no turbocharged dishwashers, since Frigidaire discontinued their version.

5. Consumer Reports: Speed Ovens are a waste.
My Take: There are no speed ovens worth noting, other than Miele. This may change when Turbochef reintroduces their oven. It is flat out fast...

6. Consumer Reports: Appliance drawers are too pricey.
My Take: Yes, they are pricey, but there is some cache to an integrated or seamless look.

7: Consumer Reports: Pricey Sinks and Faucets have similar performance to regular products
My Take: Not sure, I do think that there are significant aesthetic differences between products in the $200 to the $500 price point.

8: Consumer Reports: Different Stores have different capabilities.
My Take: No Question, I am biased perhaps, but different stores have different competencies.

Consumer Reports is a start. If you shop around, find reputable companies and are involved with the process, you will save money and have a good experience
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New Products to Consider

by Steve Sheinkopf

I am actually headed out of town Monday, but will line up some guest bloggers to entertain you.

Its kind of a shame as there is a ton of new(to us) products arriving.

Here is a sample:

Laundrypure System: This machine attaches to your washer and inhibits oxidation in your clothes...Simply stated, you can clean without detergent. In test trials by Shawn, it was reviewed enthusiastically...We should be displaying by months end


Rohl faucets: Yale's' biggest mistake is allowing me to merchandise. People for some reason have different tastes than myself. I veer to the contemporary, but admittedly these faucets are elegant





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More Essential Homebuilding Tips

by Steve Sheinkopf

This post should be titled "more essential tips not included from the last post"

Water Filter: You are drinking a pint of filtered water at $1.00, so the cost per gallon is $8. Then the price for 5,000 gallons becomes $40,000. How about buying a 5,000 gallon filter for $500-700. It seems to be cheaper and better for the environment(no plastic)

Undermount Sink: Lets face it: It looks much better and is easier to clean.

Pull-out Faucet: In other words a faucet that incorporates a spray with the faucet itself....Its much neater without 4 impliments to turn and adjust water

Front Load Washer: Mathmatically, there really is no smarter choice

Focal Lighting Piece: It does not cost very much in the scheme of your budget($75-150) to really have distinctive lighting. Lighting defines your environment
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Water Filtration

by Steve Sheinkopf

So far most of the posts have been dedicated to Energy efficiency, appliances and lighting. Air and water quality have been hot topics as well. So lets try something new

Water puification is a simple and inexpensive product to purchase. Everyone buys bottled water at $1-1.99 per bottle, which essentially is filtered water(although it is unregulated). We throw away our plastic bottles without even thinking. I am guilty as well to a certain degree. You can buy a product that can filter 5,000 gallons for about $400

Lets talk about the companies and the most common technology sold in the country. Water-X, Everpure and Franke are the biggest names in our channel. Their basic filter is three stage with carbon, ceramic and resin filters. These filters serve to draw sediments and impurities to .01 of a micron. These type of filters range from 1.000 to 3,000 gallons and are dispensed through a separate tap or faucet. Water-X does manufacture a filter at 5,000 gallons that filters through a normal kitchen faucet.

Whole house filters have also become more popular simply because it filters all impurities throughout your house. At all levels, water for showers, laundry as well as drinking are filtered. Water plants are available at all sizes and prices. Typically, the company will customize the filter based on your water as different regions have different issues.

If you are planning a new kitchen dedicate at least $400 for a water filter.
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