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5 Great Green Appliance And Lighting Ideas

by Steve Sheinkopf

At this point, everyone wants more environmentally sound products, but the problem with Green products is the lack of return on your investment. In other words, you should save immediately by buying more environmentally friendly, energy saving products not in long term, but now.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Compact Fluorescent, Energy Efficiency

Green Payback

by Steve Sheinkopf

By now most of you have figured, that I am somewhat passionate about lighting design, green technologies, induction, LED and in general spending money wisely for renovations.
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Topics: LED Lighting, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

Galley Green

by Steve Sheinkopf

We will be featuring respected local designers, builders and projects, which may help you in designing your own space....This is a good one.
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Topics: Bosch, LED Lighting, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

Climate Change

by Steve Sheinkopf

Pat tells me its Blog Action Day. Climate change is this years topic. The Yale Blog was inspired by a Canadien who said we could all clean up our world one corner at a time. Green was the most popular topic of the day with the Inconvenient Truth and other byproducts of an overheated world.

As I have spent 3 years researching and 2.5 blogging, we can effectively lower our power consumption and affect climate change at the same time. It really isn't hard, and yes you will pay more initially, but you will have an almost immediate payback.

Change a world, change a bulb:

In a previous post, I showed a whopping $100 savings per month by using LED bulbs. You probably are not going to spend that kind of dough, so buy compact fluorescents. 60% more efficiency, 10 times the life and 2/3 less heat than an incandescent. Buy it at 2700 degree Kelvins, so the light will be similar to an incandescent.

They don't make them like they used to....thank heavens.

Your 20 year old refrigerator in the basement is costing you $200-250 per year to operate. Your old top load washer has 50% less capacity and is costing between $100-150 a year more to operate than a front loader....These things aren't antiques and have increasing value.

Its simple. Conserve, but use better technology. We use less power, less electricity, less resources...better climate.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

The ROI of Green

by Steve Sheinkopf

Peoplewill not buy Green products unless there is an immediate return on investment...especially now. Ironically, that was the topic of last nights presentation. LED, compact fluorescent, refrigerators, laundry and induction are covered.

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Topics: LED Lighting, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

EnergyStar $169 Rebates

by Steve Sheinkopf

Quick review then a question:

Replacing a 10 year old refrigerator with an EnergyStar will save $100-110 per year...

Replacing a 20 year old refrigerator with an EnergyStar will save $200-250 per year...

Piece of advice: Your second refrigerator...remove it.

Now the question: What does the SubZero built in, GE french door, Frigidaire top mount and Bosch side by side have in common:

They all have $169 instant rebates as a joint venture between Yale, NSTAR and National Grid.

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Topics: Bosch, Frigidaire, EnergyStar, Sub-Zero, French Door Refrigerators, Energy Efficiency

4 Ways to Improve EnergyStar

by Steve Sheinkopf

Channel 5 was in the store, and did an expose on EnergyStar(TV does add 10-15 pounds, have a look below). First I like EnergyStar. They have created awareness to saving money through lower energy costs:

Here is a plan for improvement in my opinion

1. Standards should be a moving target. Products should continue to improve efficiency to be called EnergyStar

2. Manufacturers should publish regional costs

3. The products should be tested at full operating power

4. No legacy products allowed. In other words, products should not be EnergyStar simply because they have improved over last year

Cut and paste...


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Topics: EnergyStar, LED Lighting, Energy Efficiency

Quick Question

by Steve Sheinkopf

As I am still in Miami and woefully unprepared for a post, the following is a quick question...

Which costs more to operate?

This 75 watt bulb

Or this 26 cubic foot refrigerator?

The bulb...in fact replacing a 10 year old refrigerator will save you $110 per year.

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Topics: Refrigerators, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency


by Steve Sheinkopf

They don't make them like they used to....so they say.

Thank heaven they don't...so I say.

Have a look at these refrigerators...They have one common feature.

These products are all EnergyStar compliant, and qualify for a $50 rebate. A new refrigerator will save $100 per year versus a product purchased 10 years ago.

Cool graphs and forms

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Topics: EnergyStar, Refrigerators, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency...Part 9

by Steve Sheinkopf

Have a gander at this refrigerator...


The SubZero Pro 48 is the most expensive refrigerator to operate. But how expensive?


If you are reading this and have a 10 year old (family size) refrigerator, this beast is $75-100 cheaper to operate.

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Topics: Sub-Zero, Refrigerators, Energy Tip, Energy Efficiency

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