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The Worlds First Induction Range

by Steve Sheinkopf

As you know from earlier posts, I am a fan of induction. Electric is 55% efficient, Gas 60% and induction is 90%, and this has ramifications in kitchen planning. Less residual heat means less venting required.

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The Latest And Greatest

by Steve Sheinkopf

Following is my presentation on the latest and greatest in appliances and lighting....With one correction the Diva was $3500 and now is $2999. As always, any questions will be answered quickly

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Induction Range

by Steve Sheinkopf

The wall oven post depressed me to be honest. I do not want to appear self righteous, but it was not exciting. Then again, it is wall ovens.

However, this product is worth a look. The Diva Induction range. The range top is 75,000 BTUs instead of 90K in a gas Pro. Induction, however, works on so many levels. It is child safe, not heat retentive and 90% efficient. As a reminder, gas is 60% efficient with electric at 55%

Efficiency means less heat to heat and less load on your air conditioner systems...And with better performance.

First quarter 2008, now hopefully it will work

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Topics: Ranges, Induction Ranges, Diva

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