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Best Contemporary Outdoor Lighting (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Monica Kao

When talking about contemporary outdoor lighting you have much to consider. Architecture, effect, scale, appearance both nighttime and daytime, and also quality of the product.

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Contemporary Kitchen Lighting Design

by Marsha Cook

Many people confuse or interchange contemporary with modern. Contemporary design is heavily influenced by Modern design, but they are not the same.

Contemporary design is a work-in-progress, a response to the ideas and spirit of the time, a reflection of the decor and architectural developments that preceded it, a look that you know when you see it. Following is a brief explanation of the two.  

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How to Light a Contemporary Kitchen

by Henriette Rieu

Contemporary design is what in style at this moment – it is what is “in” now.

Contemporary is a mix of modern with other design styles that you like. Some key parts of contemporary style are having neutral colors on the walls and in the furniture.

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Best New Traditional & Modern Lighting Fixtures

by Steve Sheinkopf

I just returned from the Dallas Trade Market yesterday. Every major lighting company has a display and there are literally thousands of lights in this massive market. I brought my niece (and future boss) and explained the changes since my first trip in 1989.

Lighting and lighting fixtures are really different than 1989 in every aspect from where you buy a light to what company and light you will buy.

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Contemporary Chandelier Ideas for Your Dining Room

by Henriette Rieu

Previously, we discussed lighting for a traditionally-styled dining room. Another style that is popular these days is contemporary style. Contemporary style is seen as being more flexible than its more rigid traditional counterpart, although not as relaxed as transitional.

Once we determine the style and size of your room through the qualifiers, we can help you to find a chandelier that fits the space perfectly!

Contemporary Style

Contemporary design is another popular style. This style features some elements of modern design, such as clean lines, punches of solid color as accent pieces to predominant neutrals, and sleek furniture in basic shapes. This design aesthetic encompasses past and present components through unifying colors, finishes, or lines. Contemporary is also seen as being more flexible than its more rigid traditional counterpart, although not as relaxed as transitional.

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How To Light a Contemporary Bathroom With Wall Sconces

by Steve Sheinkopf

This is the second edition of Makeover Monday. We will show you a few easy tips using real life examples. I think you will really learn and have some solid takeaways.

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