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Best Side Swing Wall Ovens for 2017

by Neil Katz

When you really think about it, every wall oven should be open from the side. You shouldn't have to lift a heavy turkey or roast over a door.  A side swing oven allows easy access to the oven.

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Topics: Viking, Gaggenau, Wall Ovens, American Range, Bosch Benchmark

American Range vs. BlueStar Gas Wall Ovens (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

by Tam Nguyen

If you’ve shopped for a wall oven recently, you probably noticed that almost every oven was electric. Due to the even heat-up and easier installation of electric wall ovens, the gas counterparts are less popular.

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Topics: Wall Ovens, American Range, BlueStar

Best Gas Wall Ovens (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

by Jeff Tarascio

At one time gas wall ovens were much more popular than electric wall ovens. The 24 inch gas wall oven was a staple. Kitchens and cabinets have enlarged over the years. Most current manufacturers now produce only electric wall ovens.

What once was a kitchen staple is now almost extinct. I wondered myself what products were left. Now you and I will know.

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Topics: Wall Ovens, American Range, GE, BlueStar

Gaggenau vs American Range Side Swing Wall Ovens (Reviews/Ratings)

by Jessica Petrino

To quote my colleague, Neil Katz from an earlier blog post, “every oven should have a side-swing door”.

It makes sense doesn’t it? Why should you have to lift a heavy turkey or casserole dish over the door to access the oven? A side-swing door creates easy access to the oven and in my opinion is a more attractive aesthetically.

Gaggenau and American Range are two very different brands that both produce a wall oven with a side swing door.

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Topics: Gaggenau, Wall Ovens, American Range

American Range vs JennAir 30 Inch Professional Range (Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Sheinkopf

We are always looking for affordable, yet decent products. People want affordable luxury, and that category is the fastest growing in the appliance business. Recently, we decided to market American Range. Because of our huge investment in service, new products are scrutinized heavily for service history and product quality. I really like their french door wall ovens and their 5-burner range is a good value at $3359.

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Topics: Jenn-Air, Professional Ranges, American Range

American Range French Door Wall Oven (Reviews/Ratings)

by Jonathan Upton

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Topics: Wall Ovens, American Range

A Review of the Best New, Coolest and Unusual Appliances of 2012

by Steve Sheinkopf

Hard to believe, it's the end of another year. As I reflect on this year, there were great new introductions. However, there was not a great quantity. In fact, I could only find 8.

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Topics: Thermador, Jenn-Air, AGA Total Control, American Range, Kalamazoo, Yale Hoods

The Five Coolest Appliances In Boston

by Steve Sheinkopf

We have approximately 1,000 appliances on display including 9 working kitchens. At a certain level, there is a similarity to it all. The two rows of stainless dishwashers look similar, as do the ranges, refrigerators, etc. Every unique product is copied over time.

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Topics: Thermador, AGA Total Control, American Range, Legrand Adorne, Yale Hoods

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