Murano Glass Lighting Pendants (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Marsha Cook  |  June 09, 2015  |  3 Min. Read

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You are probably dizzy with the amount of fixtures now available in stores or online. You may look at two similar white pendants and see dramatic differences in prices.

The difference is often the glass. When you look more closely, you will have an affinity for a more colorful, eye catching fixture. That light will without question have Murano glass.

We will look at the history of Murano and share some more interesting fixtures and manufacturers currently using this type of glass.


Murano, Italy has been the center of blown art glass for centuries. The island of Murano is located in the Northern Adriatic Sea located in the area of Venice.

In the year 1291 all of the glass blowers in Italy were forced to move to the island of Murano because of the fear that the fires used to heat the glass would burn down the towns mostly wooden structures.

Murano glass blowing

(Murano glass blower in action)

Early Lights

Originally, the glass was blown for sculptures and art. The first Murano glass lights were chandeliers, introduced in approximately 1700. With other materials such as wood, brass and iron already being used, Murano quickly became popular.

The beautiful multi-colored pieces and incredible floral patterns the chandeliers were amazing works of art.

murano glass sculpture

(Murano glass sculpture from Venice, Italy)

Today's Lights

Murano glass today is still used for a variety of industries aside from lighting and thanks to modern technology the art has spread worldwide. Lower priced imitations and changing styles have weakened the industry but has not curbed the pricing much.

In the early 1990’s Murano had over 6,000 glass blowers. Today there are approximately 1000. Difficult work and low wages does not attract new artisans so there are fewer people to produce the products.

In order to keep costs lower many companies use glass from Asian and other European countries.

Murano glass is often labeled as "Murano" and most product descriptions will say it. If it is labeled “Art Glass” it is most likely from some other country.

Over the years with styles and craftsman changing the chandeliers have evolved and transformed to modern sculptures and clean sophistication.

Design Trends

One of the biggest decorating trends of the past 15 or 20 years has been using Murano glass pendants in the kitchen over islands and peninsulas. Murano and other art glass fixtures used over an island or peninsula add beauty as well as light above the counter.

Here are the manufacturers currently using Murano glass and the different styles that it can utilize.

Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting is a Chicago based company and perhaps is the industry leader for high tech decorative pendants.

The pendant below is a the Fire pendant from Tech Lighting. The outer Murano glass is offered in a variety of colors. It’s about $385.00 for each complete fixture.

tech lighting fire pendant

Oggetti Lighting

Oggetti is another Italian glass lighting line that we feature here at Yale. Incredible designs and beautiful glass with a modern flare can be fun and creative ways to use Murano glass in your home.

A popular fixture from Oggetti is called “Mimosa”. It is available in 6 different colors and retails for only about $275.00.

oggetti lighting mimosa pendant

Stone Lighting

Stone Lighting is another manufacturer using Murano.

stone lighting kitchen pendant

You can use either all of the same style and color or mix them up. Perhaps using the same shape and different glass colors. These vary slightly but are around $465.00 each.

stone lighting pendant options

WAC Lighting

WAC lighting has some Murano glass pendants as well as art glass from other countries.

The Lucia pendant below is about $340.00.

wac lighting lucia quick connect pendant

Final Thoughts

After all these years Murano is still the best glass for lighting. You do not have to spend thousands more for a nice pendant either. It’s a really nice detail to highlight and accentuate your space.

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