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Miele vs. Viking 48” Rangetops (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

August 21st, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Chris Tavares

Rangetops are easier to shop than any other product. You compare the output and simmer rating of a few brands like Wolf, Jenn-air, Thermador, Capital, Miele and Viking.

Viking and Miele have the two newest products. They both promise you power and reliability but accomplish this in two different ways.  

Which is better? It really depends on recent history. This is a comparison of which company you believe will deliver a more reliable product.

We will look at both companies, their products and then offer you an honest opinion.


Miele is a family owned German company. Professional cooking products is very new (as of 2015) to Miele. However, they have manufactured cooktops for years.

Miele has always been the least serviced brand sold at Yale. A big part in is their quality control.

They manufacture all the components as well as the final products in one factory in Germany and test every single unit.


Viking is an American manufacturer in Greenwood Mississippi. They were the original manufacturer of the professional range. Over the years, Viking, has lost share to more aggressive competitors such as Miele, Wolf and Thermador with reliability being their issue.

New parent, Middleby has promised to change all that, but it is a tall order especially with refrigeration and dishwashers being in almost total meltdown. They are currently outsourced to Blomberg and Electrolux.

To be transparent, Yale does not sell any Viking products.

The Products

Miele 48" Rangetop - KMR1354G



  • Stainless Steel Backlit Knobs
  • Dual Stacked Burners with True Simmer
  • 19,000 BTU Power Burners
  • 8 Burner or 6 Burner w/grill or griddle options
  • Clean Touch Stainless Steel Front
  • Dishwasher Safe Grates
  • 1 year mfg. Warranty

The Miele offers 6 burners with a high BTU of 19,000 and a simmer to 1,000 BTU, as well as 2 burners with a 12,000 BTU with a 500 degree simmer. You can get the rangetop with 8 burners, or 6 burners and a grill or 6 burners and a griddle.

The stainless knobs are substantial and are backlit with LED lighting, adding a nice touch. In addition the front stainless bezel is touch proof stainless (no fingerprints). 

Viking 48” Rangetop - VGRT7488BSS 



  • 8 Elevation Sealed Burners
  • Vari simmers
  • 3 Burner Sizes
  • Brass Flame Ports
  • Softlit LED Lights
  • Surespark Ignition
  • 8 burner or 6 burner with grill/griddle option

This unit also offers 8 sealed brass burners. There are four 23,000 BTU burners, and three 15,000 and one 8,000.

All of the burners will simmer, however Viking does not publish the lower temperature range.


First, I like Miele for cleanability, because their grates are dishwasher safe. They also have a grill. Although grills are better outside, Miele is gas and works well, whereas most are electric.

In terms of output, both are very good with Miele at 19,000, but Viking is the hottest at 23,000 BTU. They do not publish a simmer, but Viking is typically at 1,000 BTU. Miele would be better at 500 BTU.

Now to answer the real question, Which is more reliable?  

Miele is new to professional cooking, whereas cooking products are (in theory) Viking's speciality. 

However, back when we carried Viking in 2013, they were over 50% repair in the first year with the highest rate of repair of any brand sold at Yale.

Miele was the lowest at 2.9%. I think Viking's owner Middleby will figure it out in the long term. In the short term, they have some big time legacy problems, but they do have a three year warranty for their products. 

If you are just buying the rangetop as replacement, you can consider either (just inquire about who is doing the actual service).

As part of a whole kitchen, Miele is the better choice with better wall ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers. 

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Chris Tavares

Chris Tavares is an Appliance Sales Associate at Yale Appliance and has been with Yale for over 17 years. When not helping clients, Chris is a huge Patriots fan and enjoys cooking.

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