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Tropical Style Lighting for Kitchens (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

August 10th, 2016 | 2 min. read

By Amy Zuckerman

When you think of tropical lighting, it evokes images of sand between your toes, sun in your face and perhaps a cool libation in your hand. You are probably not thinking about New England especially in the Fall or Winter.

If you are reading this in the winter, I apologize. Sincerely.

Wing House

However, tropical is more than Piña Coladas and volleyball. It is actually a relaxed style which looks good when executed properly.

How to Light a Kitchen

Most kitchens have recessed lighting. Today, many of our pendants over the island are focused on the decorative element rather than the light source.

Madeira Condo Remodel in Naples, Florida

If you don’t have any other lighting in the kitchen, then function needs to be considered first to make sure you will have sufficient lumen output for the task at hand.

(To learn more on how to properly light your kitchen, read our Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide).

We will look at some good tropical lighting ideas worth considering even for some different styles.

Best Tropical Style Lighting

So what other things make you feel Tropical? How about baskets, shells, sea glass?

Currey & Co. 'Regatta' Pendant - $400

Colonial Kitchen Makeover

Currey & Co. 'Regatta' Pendant  tropical lighting

The Regatta pendant made of Capiz shell is a classic. The Capiz shell is actually windowpane oyster shells that are found in the Philippine and Indonesian islands.

Tech Lighting 'Playa' Pendant - $455


Tech Lighting 'Playa' Pendant tropical lighting

Corbett 'Dolce' Pendant - $470

Corbett 'Dolce' Pendant tropical lighting

Cyan 'Palma' Pendant - $532

Cyan 'Palma' Pendant tropical lighting

The Cyan Palma pendant is a great look over a small table or a large island. It would even work for shabby chic styles.

Cyan 'Largo' Chandelier - $1,500

Cyan 'Largo' Chandelier tropical lighting

The Largo chandelier by Cyan makes you feel like you’re on a Tropical island while having your morning coffee.

Currey & Co. 'Fruitier' Pendant - $740


Currey & Co. 'Fruitier' Pendant tropical lighting

The Fruitier pendant by Currey and Co. has the classic wood finish. This goes back to the epitome of how we think Tropical lighting should look.

Crystorama 'Broche' Chandelier - $798

Crystorama 'Broche' Chandelier tropical lighting

Minka Aire 'Gauguin' Ceiling Fan - $470

Designer Challenge Winner - Paiko Lagoon Oasis

Minka Aire 'Gauguin' Ceiling Fan tropical lighting

Normally I wouldn’t recommend a ceiling fan over an island but if the ceiling is high enough (at least 8 feet) the fan can give you not only a Tropical look but a Tropical breezy feel!

Fans help lower the perceived temperature by moving air over your skin. Hot breezes in the summer and wind chill in the winter raise and lower your perception of temperature.

Fans are a good idea in general as a good cost saver. You can even reverse it in the winter to save money.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to be in the Bahamas to appreciate or enjoy Tropical Style lighting. Many of these fixtures will work in a number of different relaxed styles.

Decorative lighting is always a personal choice like jewelry. In the age of stainless kitchens, white granite and white cabinets, lighting is the only product separating you from your neighbor.

Additional Resources

Want to learn how to light your kitchen? Read the Yale Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide with ideas on how to light your mirror and bathroom in general using cross illumination and light layering. Over 165,000 people have read a Yale Guide.

Read our Kitchen Lighting Buying Guide

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