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How and Why You Should Buy Track Rail Lighting (Reviews / Ratings)

Dagmar Hemp  |  December 15, 2016  |  3 Min. Read

Lighting  |  Track Lighting

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Household trends in appliances and lighting start from either Europe and/or commercial spaces. Rail has been used for 30 years in high-end spaces like law firms and other higher end spaces.

You should consider rail instead of rail instead of traditional track because it is far better looking and versatile.


Track Lighting vs. Rail Lighting

Track lighting is a great way to light a space. You can place a light anywhere on the track, so you can change positions for optimum lighting or if you move your furniture.

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Track lighting is better than recessed in that regard. You also need just one power source rather than a bunch for recessed. You also do not have to punch through a ceiling (which is better if you have a loft space without one).

Here’s your traditional track light.


It works well and can be assembled to fit most any space. But rail track or monorail is much smaller, can do almost anything.

Because the product is completely modular, the lighting can be built to fit the space and accommodate any lighting needs. It’s available in satin nickel, bronze or chrome so it can either blend in with the background or stand out to be a decorative element.

Rail is bendable, so you match it to any shapes below. Sharp angles are done with a right angle connector.


It was the perfect solution for a project I worked on where there was no ability to have any electrical come from the ceiling.

So I was able to bring power to the rail through the wall and hung the rail over the entire span of the counter in the kitchen. My client had plenty of light, and the fixtures are small enough to not intrude on the view out of the huge windows.

It’s easy to buy for your own home, there are a few items to be decided first.

How to Buy Track Rail Lighting

1 - Decide on the length of rail

It’s available from Tech Lighting in 4-foot or 8-foot lengths, and they can connect end to end for longer runs. The rail can also be bent, making an “S” curve or circles a possibility. Bending the rail to repeat the edge of a curved countertop is a beautiful way to compliment an island or bar counter.

mountain modern addition


2 - Decide how far down from the ceiling it will hang

Standoffs are as short as 2-inches, and we can hang as far down as 12-feet. Dropping the rail off a very high ceiling is a great way to bring the lights closer to the task or living area.

Crane Building Penthouse


3 - Pick which lights and how many

All pendants and track style heads can be used, even mixing in the same system.

Madeira Condo Remodel in Naples, Florida

Some of the most popular lights are:

Tilt Head


Iso Head with built-in LED


Ibiss Double Head


4 - Decide where the transformer will be installed

Tech Lighting has some that hang on the surface of the ceiling, and attach directly to an existing junction box, or it can be away somewhere else in the house, a closet or basement is a common place for them. The transformer is needed because the lights run on 12 volts.




Remote Transformer


Beyond this, you will need some connectors or minor parts depending on the design.

This application is a great example of a single outlet in the ceiling, but being able to light two areas in the large space.

Wells Street Kitchen

Living Room Lighting

Popular Track Lighting Pendant Options

There are so many pendant choices, some of the most popular from Tech.

Firebird Pendant

tech lighting firebird pendant on track rail

Mini Echo Pendant

tech lighting mini echo pendant on track rail

Playa shown in natural, other color options are white or brown,

tech lighting playa pendant in natural finish

Veil pendant is covered in crushed glass, has just the right amount of sparkle.

tech lighting veil pendant

Oak Park is great for many decorating styles including urban industrial, craftsman and modern.

tech lighting oak park pendant

And this photo is a perfect example of bringing the lighting down to where it’s needed. This ceiling is so high, getting to the lights would be a problem, and the lighting wouldn’t be as bright on the work surfaces.

Power Haus Kitchen

Here we also have a superb example of illuminating the work and living area. The rails and lights are practically hidden on the sides of the beams, leaving the architecture to stand out.


Final Thoughts

There is almost no reason to consider old track lighting style. Rail lighting is far better looking, modular and much more versatile with different lighting options like heads and multiple pendants.

By choosing rail, you can have a more unique and more exciting environment for your home.

Just remember with rail, you have to buy the different pieces like standoffs, power feed and heads properly. Let us know if you would like advice.

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