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Contemporary Chandelier Ideas for Your Dining Room

February 26th, 2014 | 2 min. read

By Henriette Rieu

Previously, we discussed lighting for a traditionally-styled dining room. Another style that is popular these days is contemporary style. Contemporary style is seen as being more flexible than its more rigid traditional counterpart, although not as relaxed as transitional.

Once we determine the style and size of your room through the qualifiers, we can help you to find a chandelier that fits the space perfectly!

Contemporary Style

Contemporary design is another popular style. This style features some elements of modern design, such as clean lines, punches of solid color as accent pieces to predominant neutrals, and sleek furniture in basic shapes. This design aesthetic encompasses past and present components through unifying colors, finishes, or lines. Contemporary is also seen as being more flexible than its more rigid traditional counterpart, although not as relaxed as transitional.

This contemporary dining room features a lot of the elements of the design aesthetic. The clean lines are complemented by some subtle curves in the furniture. The branches and gardens outdoors provide a punch of color to balance all the neutrals in the space, all while tying in to the slight green in the carpet. While the windows provide a good amount of light, there are several options to consider when selecting a contemporary chandelier for over the table.


I believe this Visual Comfort E.F. Chapman George II 6 Light Chandelier would be an elegant way to add more interest and light to the space.The crystal clear chandelier would be nice as it would allow for the natural light and view to continue through the space without interruption, as well as echoing the glass in the vase and windows.


Visual Comfort E.F. Chapman George II CHC1156CG - $1,199

This statement and art piece would work perfectly in this space to bring in more shapes and interest – the Graffiti Six Light Pendant by Corbett. This chandelier features two finishes, a silver leaf on the outside, and a polished stainless on the inside. The lines in the arms in the chandelier do echo some of the same lines found in the backs of the legs of the chairs.


Corbett Graffiti Six Light Pendant 154-46 - $2,520

Another choice for this space could be Visual Comfort’s E.F. Chapman Oslo 6 Light Chandelier. I love the way this chandelier has just a hint of bling and the neutral tones complement those found in the space. One noticeable advantage to this chandelier is the shape of the arms, which echoes the shape of the back of the chairs down through the legs.


Visual Comfort’s E.F. Chapman Oslo CHC1550ASL-CG -$852

Another choice of contemporary chandeliers could be the Ashley Six Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley. This chandelier has lots of clean lines, and the same clear spheres that made the first chandelier so attractive! I love the circles because the space has a lot of squares and straight lines to it which help to bring in more interest to the space.


Hudson Valley Ashley 316-PN - $1,498

For a sort of drum-shade feel that embraces the organic-modern feel of this space, I would recommend the Twig Pendant by Global Views. I love that this chandelier has a branch going through it, which would certainly work with all the natural elements in the space. Its clean line, nickel shade adds to the modern feel.


Global Views Twig Pendant 9.91795 - $4,997.50

Everyone has their own style

Different design aesthetics can be intimidating at first – but once you find all the elements in the theme of your choice, the whole space can really come together! Going by style is a great way to find what you’re looking for and make your room pop. Our showroom features several different styles and you’re certain to find what style matches you!

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