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Choosing Chandeliers for a Traditional Kitchen

February 11th, 2016 | 2 min. read

By Susan Burke

Chandeliers really aren’t just for dining rooms anymore. With the kitchen being the hub of the home, kitchens aren't only prep and cooking areas, but are now serving as main eating and entertaining space as well.

So why not use a great chandelier or multiple chandeliers in your kitchen to make a design statement? In addition to making a statement, they’ll provide a really nice amount of light when it’s needed.

We will look at some traditional environments, then choose some different lighting suitable for that space. (Editers note: different lighting designers have different tastes. Two Yale lighting consultants, Lisa Proulx and Susan Burke contributed to this article).

Traditional Style

Traditional home decor can mean different things to different people, depending on the feel they want in a room or entire home. For example, traditional decor can be either formal or informal. In general, traditional home decor is used to give a room a comfortable, "homey" feel, Think of it as warmth meets elegance and comfortable sophistication.

This style generally includes rich wood tones, such as cherry, maple, and mahogany. It also boasts architectural details like arches, columns and built-in cabinetry and elegant furnishings, examples of this are curved furniture pieces, claw footed tables. So, your light fixture should complement your design.

White kitchens have become popular again as well. In the kitchen below, traditional style is not glossy and more comfortable. 

How to Buy Chandeliers

You want to keep in mind your ceiling height. A chandelier is going to be more of a focal point in a kitchen. If you have lower ceilings, you may want to do something shorter and wider If you have tall ceilings, a pair of narrower, taller chandeliers is the way to go. (Read more on How High Do You Hang a Chandelier?)

You can achieve a really great look in a traditional kitchen with chandeliers, placed either over an eating table, over the island, in the center of the room, or any combination of these.

Some people tend to use country style lighting in traditional homes but you can also use transitional, which brings some modern elements into traditional styles and also industrial, which is also called urban. Both would give your traditional style an updated look without moving too far from the traditional look that you want.

Following are a few examples of traditional style kitchens with great lighting designs, along with some of our favorite traditional style chandeliers for lots of inspiration.

Traditional Style Kitchens 

I love this traditional farmhouse kitchen with two large ring chandeliers over the island space.

This turquoise chandelier offers a great pop of color in an otherwise simple, white kitchen.

A pair of crystal orb chandeliers make a great statement over this large island.

 The simple chandelier over this table is a nice compliment to the pendants over the island.

Best Traditional Chandeliers

Here are some great options, similar to those above, that would be great compliments to any traditional kitchen.

Quoizel “Jolene” Chandelier in Imperial Silver Finish - $356 (Lisa’s pick)

Quoizel “Jolene” Chandelier in Imperial Silver Finish best traditional chandelier

Crystorama “Solaris” in Olde Silver - $398 (Lisa’s pick)

Crystorama “Solaris” in Olde Silver best traditional chandeliers

Framburg "Liebestraum" Chandelier - $550 (Susan's pick)

Framburg "Liebestraum" Chandelier  best traditional chandelier

Troy Lighting “Pike Place” Chandelier in Bronze Wrought Iron - $722 (Lisa's pick)

Troy Lighting “Pike Place” best traditional chandelier

Visual Comfort “Choros” chandelier in two toned bronze and antique brass - $759 (Lisa’s pick)

Visual Comfort “Choros” best traditional chandelier

Currey and Co. "Trademark" Chandelier in Blacksmith - $810 (Susan's pick)

Currey and Co. "Trademark" best tradtional chandelier

Visual Comfort "Vendome" Chandelier - $855 (Susan's pick)

Visual-Comforts-TOB5008BZ-Vendome best traditional chandelier

Crystorama “Garland” Chandelier in distressed twilight finish - $1,398 (Lisa’s pick)

Crystorama “Garland” Chandelier best traditional chandelier

Currey & Company “Hedy” Chandelier with Turquoise and Jade glass beads - $4,740 (Lisa’s pick)

Currey & Company “Hedy” Chandelier with Turquoise and Jade glass bead best traditional chandelier

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms anymore. Pick what you like that complements your design and have fun with it.

There are a lot of options, but they can easily be narrowed down when location is determined, and we determine the correct size and scale. Then it’s all about making it pretty, and making a fantastic statement!

Additional Resources

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