The Best Lighting Pendants For Kitchen Islands (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  November 21, 2012  |  3 Min. Read

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My mission for 2013 is to teach people how to light their space without spending a ton of money. You do not need a designer to draw a light plan (at least if you read these posts, you will be far more conversant). So much for the mission. Let's look at some pendants.

First, the pendant has replaced the larger chandelier as the light of choice in kitchens, especially with islands or other larger spaces. Have a look at some applications:

kitchen pendant lighting display

kitchen lighting pendant display 2

pendant lighting fixture display yale appliance

Quite simply, pendants are aesthetically better than a chandelier over longer spaces than a single chandelier. Your typical pendant will be between 3-6 inches wide as opposed to 24 inches wide for a chandelier. Prices will be between $90-$300.

Remember: Decorative lighting does not light a space. It is a combination of task (recessed or track), ambient (environmental lighting) and accent light that lights the space, but we will delve into the specifics of light layering in the future

Top Selling Pendants of 2012

These are popular because they are rather neutral. You can really add a more colorful and more personalized light. Don't be afraid to spice it up a bit.

top selling pendants 2012

  1. Quoizel Emery Pendant - $170 ER1508IS
  2. Besa Stilo Pendant - $199 1XC-4404KR-SN
  3. Hudson Valley Sutton Pendant - $189 5921-AN
  4. Tech Lighting Playa Pendant 700FJPLAWS
  5. Besa Domi Pendant - $170 1XC-1743SL-SN
  6. Quoizel Ibsen Pendant - $120 IE1508BN
  7. Tech Lighting Playa Pendant 700FJPLANS
  8. Besa Tay Tay Pendant - $182 1XC-560519-SN
  9. Quoizel Delray Pendant - $110 DY1533ES
  10. Besa Mia Pendant - $208 XP-1779MA-SN
  11. Tech Lighting Cabo Pendant 700FJCBOS
  12. Besa Kona Pendant 1XC-117681-SN
  13. Hinkley Bolla Pendant - $99 4667OB
  14. Tech Lighting Alina Pendant 700FJALIWS
  15. Besa Jordo Pendant - $348 1KX-477507-SN

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