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Best Unique Transitional Kitchen Pendants (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

January 12th, 2017 | 2 min. read

By Henriette Rieu

The transitional style between modern and classic and is known as “New Classic.” Some elements of both can include clean lines and a quieter classic style. It marries simple and elegant elements. Transitional designs take the traditional and make it feel soft and warm.

In other words, transitional is a bit of both modern and traditional, which is a very common style. Furniture, paint, and rugs no longer follow one single style.

Many people are placing more contemporary furnishings in traditional Brownstones, which may have been considered heresy years ago. Transitional is the dominant style today (unless you are trying to emulate an Apple store). 

Here are options.

Transitional Kitchen Pendants.jpg

Hudson Valley Barrington - $964


Hudson Valley Barrington Kitchen Pendant.png

These stunning pendants are 14”d by 24” h and add chain and canopy. Over a 36” high island and up 32 inch off the counter, you will need to have a minimum of an 8 foot high ceiling. This is also available in a larger 17”d for over a Family Dining Table.

See more options below.

Hudson Valley Canton - $568          Troy Silverlake - $238

Hudson Canton Equilibrium Kitchen Pendant.png12d” x 13.5h”

8”h Adjustable

Troy Silverlake Kitchen Pendant.png8d” x 16”h 

Adjustable Height 


Troy Maidstone - $444         Troy Mini Equilibrium- $158

Troy Maidstone Transitional Kitchen Pendant.png

7”d x 10”h

  Adjustable Height   

Troy Lighting Equilibrium Transitional Kitchen Pendant

8.5" x 6"



Hudson Valley "Canton" - $1,446

This pendant is a great style for elongated tables.

Troy Lighting Maidstone 4-Light Pendant - $1,020

Troy Lighting Maidstone 4-Light Transitional Kitchen Pedant.png
Troy Lighting Equilibrium 7-Light Pendant - $769

Troy Lighting Equilibrium 7-Light Pendant.jpg


Visual Comfort Arch Top - $1,364

Visual Comfort Arch Top Transitional Kitchen Pendant.png

Visual Comfort Twist - $1,259

Visual Comfort Twist.png

This is a signature piece of the transitional style incorporating traditional arms and more modern accents.

Glass Globes 

Glass globes are back in style in various prices and options.

Glass Globes Kitchen Pendants.png

Feiss Oxidize Silver Leaf - $639

Feiss Oxidize Silver Leaf Glass Globe Kitchen Pendant

Hudson Valley Pierce - $799


Hudson Valley Washington - $500


The Perfume Grande from Tech Lighting is a line voltage pendant 8.5”d by 18/5”h comes in clear and clear/white and smoke and all white for $713. Tops can be clear with a white bottom to cut glare. The style has a sleek Contemporary line with a Marrakech feeling, pulling the classic cabinets to a bygone era and adding a bit of whimsy. The whole design is a lovely transitional look.

Final Thoughts

You should now be able to identify with the transitional style. Congratulations, you have tons of lighting to consider, because almost every light can work.

One small word of caution: It is hard to decipher the difference between a good light and one of lesser quality. It is also difficult to rationalize the cost between a $200-700 light.

You may want to look at lights in a showroom (you can always buy online later).

Additional Resources

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