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Best Large Ceiling Fans (Reviews / Ratings)

November 10th, 2016 | 1 min. read

By Amy Zuckerman

The Savoy House Ceiling Fan.png

There is a brand that popularized large fans called Big Ass Fan Company. They have done a great job marketing to a niche. However, they are not the only company to produce a very good large fan. There are better, less expensive alternatives.

Living Room Lighting Ceiling Fan.png

So we will look at some other different variations in different styles and configurations. But first, do you even need a big fan?

Do You Need A Large Fan?

Yes, for larger rooms or cathedral ceilings over 15 feet, you could use a larger fan. However, in terms of air distribution many of the smaller fans do deliver a high volume of CFM.

Remember, decorative lighting and fans are just that. Decorative. Sometimes a large fan looks good in a smaller space as well just because it has the right look.

How Does a Paddle Fan Actually Work?

Paddle fans work because they change the perceived temperature on your skin. It’s like winter in Boston. The temperature may be 30 degrees, but the wind can make it seem much colder. By rapidly moving air in a room, a paddle fan can decrease the perceived temperature or increase it by reversing in the winter.

Let’s look at some fans.

Minka Aire Napoli 68” - $579

Tuscan Style Ceiling Fan.png

Minka Aire Napoli 68” Ceiling Fan.pngNot all ceiling fans are contemporary. They can fit beautifully with all home styles being traditional, elegant and really make a statement for this Tuscan style home.

Minka Aire Slipstream 84"- $799

Can be used with or without a light.

Minka Aire 84” Slipstream Ceiling Fan.png

Minka Aire 84” Slipstream Ceiling Fan-1.png

The Savoy House

The Savoy House Ceiling Fan.png

Monte Carlo Max Collection 72"- $949 

Monte Carlo Max Collection Ceiling Fan in Bedroom.png

Monte Carlo Max Collection Balsa Wood Blades Ceiling Fan.pngAvailable in Black, White or Balsa wood blades.

Minka Aire Iconic 60” - $199

Minka Aire Iconic 60” Ceiling Fan in Bedroom.pngMinka Aire Iconic 60” Ceiling Fan.png

This fan gives you a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep as it quietly circulates the fresh air in your bedroom.

The Monte Carlo Chloe Collection 68" - $819 

The Monte Carlo Chloe Collection in Living Room.png

The Monte Carlo Chloe Collection Ceiling Fan.png

Dark walnut blades with a tea stained mission glass.

Minka Aire Ninety Nine 99" - $899 

Minka Aire F899L Ceiling Fan in Living Room.png

Minka Aire F899L Ceiling Fan.png

The mother of large ceiling fans. Comes in 3 finishes Koa, Tobacco or Brushed Nickel.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to spend tons of money for a cute sounding name. Be smarter by buying the right fan and saving some money at the same time.

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