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Best Kate Spade Lighting (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

January 31st, 2017 | 3 min. read

By Marsha Cook

Kate Valentine, formerly known as Kate Brosnahan Spade, and is the namesake and co-founder of Kate Spade New York. The whole story started in 1993 when as an accessories editor at Mademoiselle, Kate set out to design the perfect handbag. The designer combined sleek, utilitarian shapes and colorful palettes in an entirely new way. That was the first step into the beginning of her brand. 

In 2006, Valentine Nowadays the lifestyle brand encompasses a broad collection of home furnishings with sophisticated design details and luxurious fabrications. Lighting fixtures, furniture and carpets have recently made its debut.

She has collaborated with Visual Comfort exclusively with her lighting brand. Before we look at Kate Spade's new collection, you have to briefly look at the lighting industry over the last 30 years.

The Home Lighting Industry

30 years ago, lighting was manufactured and designed in the US (New England was a hub for lighting in the 1980s). As Chinese imports became significantly cheaper, many companies started producing and then designing in China. As a result, many labels are manufactured in relatively few Chinese factories.

Visual Comfort is very different. They are very active in the design of their lighting with actual designers producing their lights. They also have a better material and finish quality than what you typically see from other companies (which is why you should look at the lights before buying them if possible).


Let's look at Kate Spade lighting.

Best Kate Spade Lighting

By KateSpade1993 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Kate's crisp color graphic prints and playful sophistication are the hallmarks of Kate Spade New York. Here are some exciting examples of how she plays with shapes then combines them Into lighting fixtures.


Who doesn’t love polka dots? This playful but sophisticated desk with lamp and a mix posy flowers can be used in a Manhattan skyline apartment or a college dorm room.

Table Lamps 

Kate Spade Table Lamp-1.png

Neale Table Lamp in Leather Ceramic and Satin Black with Black Linen Shade - $539

Neale Table Lamp in Leather Ceramic and Satin Black with Black Linen Shade.jpg

This lamp is adorable! You can add sconces in the room to match.  

Pavilion Dot Cylinder Globe table lamp in Clear Glass with Black Linen Shade in Gold - $539            

Kate Spade Neale Table Lamp in Leather Ceramic and Satin Black with Black Linen Shade-1.png


Here are sconces that would go with the Pavilion lamps. 

Ellery Gros-Grain Bow Sconces - $359


(Available in Soft Brass or Polished Nickel with White or Black Linen Shades)

Kate Spade Wall Sconces.png

This is the purest example of Kate Spades signature bow tie. Place these in a bathroom on either side of the mirror above the sink, to add simplicity and elegance to the space.

The mirrored back plate reflects the bow and looks almost like a real ribbon tied on a package. It is simple yet elegant and the finish quality is exceptional. It is in our bathroom at Yale.

Vanity Bathroom Lights

These are a few of the vanity lights for above your bathroom mirror that Kate does so well. Again using her  Posy flower design with molded wires and solid floral petals reflected off a background of mirror. 

So light and feminine, I can see this in a teenagers bathroom or an elegant women with her own makeup area.  It is unique, but this is just a bath bar with some flowers on it.  Interesting but not showstopping compared to her other pieces

Keaton 30" Floral Vanity Light - $378

(Available in in Burnished Silver Leaf and Mirror)

The Keaton 30 Inch Floral Vanity Light in Burnished Silver Leaf and Mirror-1.png

Keaton 18” Floral Vanity Light  - $279

(Available in Gild and Mirror or in Burnished Silver Leaf and Mirror)

The Keaton 18 Inch Floral Vanity Light in Gild and Mirror or in Burnished Silver Leaf and Mirror.png

Keaton Mixed Floral Sconce - $239.95

(Available in Gild, Silver Leaf and Light Cream)

Kate Spade The Keaton Mixed Floral Sconce.png

These coordinating wall sconces match perfectly with the vanity lights. We are always looking for something in or around a soaking tub or just for ambiance in that elegant dressing area.

Flush Mount and Semi Flush 

Now try these Keaton Bouquet Flush Mount in Gild or Silver Leaf over the soaking tub or dressing room or even the HER master closet and you have a complete look.

Keaton Bouquet Flush Mount - $459

(Available in Silver or Gild)

Keaton Bouquet Flush Mount.png


Gild Gold and Silver Leaf are some of the newest finishes for 2017, and will be showing up as the everywhere.  

The Gild Gold adds elegance and sophistication to your décor.  You CAN mix stainless steel or brushed nickel and even chrome with these new finishes.  Use hand rubbed brass, silver leaf or gilded creates a new, sophisticated charm and elegance to your space.  Don’t be afraid to reach outside of the box and mix your finishes

Keaton Style Large Bouquet Chandelier - $1,199

(Available in Gild or Light Cream)

Keaton Style Large Bouquet Chandelier .png

I can see the light cream chandelier in a childs' room, family area or any space to add sculpture or art work in your design.

Dickinson Small Pendant

This is shown in Soft Brass with Clear Glass and Cream Pearls. It is the dichotomy of the Keaton. This is elegance at its finest. The Dickinson is available in 3 sizes, 10” diameter, 22” and 40” diameter…what a stunning fixture for those of you who love crystal, and there are many of us who do, this is the 2017 version of our parents' chandelier.

Dickinson Small Pendant 17 Inch.png

10" - $999

Dickinson Small Pendant 22 Inch.png



20" - $1,799

Dickinson Small Pendant 40 Inch.png




40" - $5,998


To sum it up, Kate Spade shows us how to mix geometric shapes, neutral colors, black and white, then splashes of color like her pink posies to create a look that is never mundane, is sophisticated but adds whimsy and class. In the world of lighting, this is incredibly unique.

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