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Best American Craftsman Style Lighting (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

July 21st, 2016 | 2 min. read

By Marsha Cook

The American Craftsman Style, or the American Arts and Crafts movement is an applied arts and decorative lifestyle philosophy that begin in the last years of the 19th century and remained popular into the 1930’s. After World War I, the ‘Bungalow’ became the popular style to distinguish the Arts and Crafts Movement.

The style grew out of the negative reaction to the British movement against the Victorian era of ‘over-decorated’ aesthetics. The new Arts and Crafts Movement encouraged originality with simple use of forms, materials and handicraft.

Wendell Arts & Crafts

The goal was to enable the rapidly expanding American middle class a quality of life by living and affording a modest home. It distinguished itself with the origination of the Craftsman Bungalow Style.

American Craftsman Style Design

Common features of the Bungalow included: low-pitch roof lines on a gabled or hipped roof: deeply overhanging eaves; exposed rafters or decorative brackets under the eaves; and a front porch beneath the extension of the main roof.

Two of the original manufacturing companies that produced kits and sold them from catalogs for construction on sites during this time were the Sears Company and the Aladdin Company.

Cassique Residence

The Bungalow was convenient for the homeowner because all living areas were on a single story, with no stairs obstructing views. It was compact and functional. 

The Craftsman House is especially popular in New England with Stickley style furniture and other geometric wooden furniture. You will see that type of furnishing in many of these pictures.

Let's look at the best American Craftsman style fixtures. 

Best American Craftsman Style Lighting For Dining Rooms

Trilogy Collection

Quoizel "Trilogy" Chandelier - $250

Quoizel "Trilogy" Chandelier American Craftsman Style Lighting

Trilogy pays homage to Thomas Edison with a vintage inspired filament bulb that is not only nostalgic but also very chic. With the old bronze finish and the clear seedy glass shade Trilogy brings old world style to modern elegance. On trend and classy.

Quoizel "Buchanan" Chandelier - $473

Quoizel "Buchanan" Chandelier American Craftsman Style Lighting

The Buchanan Collection evokes a sense of strength and style. The Western Bronze finish is a rich matte and the arms are comprised of long rectangular links holding the piece together. The clear seedy glass adds a touch of elegance to the simplistic framework.

Hubbardton Forge "Oval" Chandelier - $1,158

Talbots Lane Kitchen

Hubbardton Forge "Oval" Chandelier American Craftsman Style Lighting

The chain supporting the chandelier plunges into a central bowl where the hand-worked steel pipes splash out. The pipes gently curve to support each of the eight water glasses. Crafted by artisans each piece is unique.

Hubbardton Forge "Arc Ellipse" 5 Light Pendant - $1,672

1939 Brick Colonial

Hubbardton Forge "Arc Ellipse" 5 Light Pendant American Craftsman Style Lighting

A horizontal steel bar connects tube to glass with each of the five glasses captured in a steel plate. The lines of the plate make it look as though metal has passed through glass rather than the other way around.

Hubbardton Forge "Modern Prairie" Pendant - $1,862

Hubbardton Forge "Modern Prairie" Pendant American Craftsman Style Lighting

This pendant was inspired by architectural elements from the Arts & Crafts movement. Hand-shaped steel bands curve from the supporting tubes to spread across the top of the steel supporting the three glasses.

Quoizel "Kami" Pendant - $2,599

Quoizel "Kami" Pendant American Craftsman Style Lighting

This lovely Tiffany style collection features a handcrafted genuine art glass shade created in hues of amber, caramel, and ginger.

Hubbardton Forge "Presidio" Pendant - $3,667

New Waterfront Home

Hubbardton Forge "Presidio" Pendant American Craftsman Style Lighting

Concentric steel bands circle the glass bowl of this large-scale pendant. Handcrafted steel tines hold the bowl. This modern fixture is crafted using a mix of tradition and technique by artisans at our forge here in Vermont.

Final Thoughts

The lighting fixture that you choose for the American Craftsman or Arts and Crafts Movement is one that looks handcrafted and artistic. Natural materials, lots of glass, stained glass, wood, and iron.

If you are selecting true historical representation, stick with Hubbardton Forge with their handmade wrought iron style fixtures or Quoizel stained glass or Tiffany style lights.

Otherwise, stay nostalgic but you can be a little looser with the style of the period, as long as any fixture you chose has artistic features. With natural materials, vintage can turn casual, young, and retro.

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