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3 Problems Legrand Can Solve In Your Kitchen

January 17th, 2014 | 2 min. read

By Dagmar Hemp

The Legrand line has been very, very popular since it’s introduction. The switches and devices are better looking than standard products and the under cabinet plug and lighting system allows for a clean backsplash without holes being cut in your tile.

1 - Customize the switches/dimmers you need in each location

One recurring issue is that too many switches are located in one location...


Golly! This sure takes up a lot of wall space, not to mention how expensive that plate is. But look how nice the Legrand one looks...


There are 6 switches here, and in the space of only a 3 gang plate-and it looks great. Now, in the same plate, we can go to the kitchen, and have a switch, a USB port for charging phones or I-pods, and 2 GFCI receptacles for appliances.


This product is completely customizable, so you can include any devices you need, and their switchplates come in plastic or metal, offering many colors and finishes.

2 - Protect the look of that custom backsplash

Legrand also has a beautiful product which contains both devices and lighting for under cabinets. This hangs directly under the cabinet, eliminating holes cut into the backsplash for outlets and switches.

No more this...


Legrand eliminates all these holes cut into the backsplash, and all those wires hanging about...


3 - Add power and lighting to your kitchen where you need it

You can’t even see it, but this contains a double outlet every 9”, USB ports to charge devises, a cradle for a tablet-you could have a recipe available instead of the whole cookbook (which doesn’t wipe clean very well) There is even a dock with speakers for music. And then- even better- the under cabinet lights plug into this! The wiring is already in place once the rail is hung.


The under cabinet lights have their own switch -- can even be a dimmer. Another possibility is to add a switch to control lights not attached to the rail. It could be lighting inside the cabinet, or a light over your sink. 

All the plugs are tamper proof, approved by electrical codes, and ground fault outlets are available as well.

This was Legrand solving at least three problems- I think there are so many possibilities here, and so many ways to improve the looks and functionality of our kitchen and work spaces.

Legrand has taken the device and under cabinet world into the future with these innovations.

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