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We Just Installed A Legrand Electric Car Charging Station

Robert Joyce  |  January 23, 2014  |  3 Min. Read

Legrand Adorne

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legrand-electric-car-charging-station-unboxedAs I watch the parking lot from time to time I have noticed more electric cars are stopping by. We also have a salesperson who drives from New Hampshire in his Tesla (which is an awesome car). So I thought it was time for us to have our own charging station.

There is always a process to any decision. Usually I will collaborate with a person who really likes the idea and wants to champion it. I am lucky. There are 8 people who I can depend on. Then the process develops into what I call "wacky" bid time, when you ferret out the possible providers and vendors.

It's amazing, because we had bids of over $40,000 when the winner, Legrand, was easier and cheaper at $749. So we are happy to provide free charging at Yale. I will let Bob describe the installation process. I liked the unit so much that we actually sell the units if you are interested.

Today we will be discussing the Legrand car charging system, and follow the installation that we did here at Yale for our customers and employees to use at no charge while they shop.

As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, so does the demand for reliable EV battery charging solutions. Equipping businesses and homes with safe, user-friendly plug-in charging stations makes good sense both economically and environmentally. Thier line of Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) - the Level 1 Portable EV Charger and our Level 2 EV Wall-Mounted and Pedestal Charging Stations - have dependability built right in. And, because they're from an electrical wiring device manufacturer with a history of product reliability, you can count on them being safe, easy to install, and code-compliant.

First, you want to locate where the charging station will be installed. As you can see, we also outlined the location where the vehicles will park for the charging of their vehicle.


In the location we chose, we also want to make sure the interior will allow the installation as well. So we proceeded to open the carton and prepare the unit installation. We removed the side panels, and proceeded as instructed.

We followed the template to measure where the holes were to be drilled.


We then hung the unit, and proceeded to connect the wires as instructed.


Once the connections were complete, we placed the sides back on the unit to complete the installation. We then turned on the breaker to allow the power to the unit. As you can see we mounted 2 units at our Freeport St location to allow customers and employees to charge their vehicle at no cost.

Features of the Legrand Wall Mounted Charging Station


  1. Wall mounted or pedestal mounted design features
  2. Status indicator lights, alerts user to readiness, and alerts
  3. Compatible with all plug- in electric vehicles (SAE J1772 VEHICLE PLUG)
  4. Weather proof NEMA 3S rating, allows for indoor & outdoor installations
  5. Auto reset, allows charger to re-try after a minor electrical fault. This prevents lockout, and low charge situations.
  6. Built in GFCI protection with self test feature. Detects lack of ground ( ground continuity monitoring). Communication with vehicle confirms electrical connection prior to charging.

Pricing for the L2EVSE16 IS $749.00, plus the cost of the electrical install. The installation cost was approximately $350.00 per unit we installed.

For more information please give us a call at the store.

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Robert Joyce

Robert Joyce is the Lighting Sales Manager at Yale Appliance and Lighting. Robert has been at Yale for almost 30 years. Bob has three children and is the head coach of the Men's Lacrosse Program at Archbishop Williams High. He also enjoys watching hockey and football.
Read more about Robert here.

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