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Is The Weber iGrill 3 App Any Good? (Reviews / Ratings)

May 18th, 2017 | 4 min. read

By Roger Pontes

Imagine you're grilling your steak and perhaps there is a game with your favorite team playing. Which will have your full attention? The steak or the game? I am oversimplifying, but the new Weber iGrill will allow you to do both effectively.

Well, let me start by saying this is pretty cool technology. The iGrill is a cutting edge Bluetooth thermometer for your grilling needs. No more wondering if your food is done or when the perfect time to flip your steak is.


Weber's iGrill app provides quick, no hassle finger-tip access to timers and temperature monitoring. You can check the temperature of your food right from your phone or tablet.

In this article, we will focus on Weber as a company, the features and benefits of the iGrill app and how it works. 


The Weber company was founded in 1952, by George Stephen, a welder out in Chicago. It started when George was about to weld 2 buoy halves together and an idea popped in his mind which led to the first ever charcoal kettle grill. 

George put the grill together piece by piece and created the original prototype. With dedication and many demonstrations, the rest was history. From there, Weber started to make gas grills and grilling accessories. 

Weber is probably one of the most recognized brands in the grilling industry.

The iGrill 3 App

As Weber continued to evolve with new grills and accessories, the iGrill was born. Whether you are a self-proclaimed grill master or just starting off, the Weber iGrill Bluetooth thermometers make grilling easier, more convenient, and much smarter. 

When you purchase the iGrill thermometer, download the iGrill App, connect, and open up a new world of endless barbecue opportunities. The iGrill is sure to impress you every time from the preset temperature guides to the state of the art smart features.

So how does it work? 

Well, first you would have to purchase the iGrill thermometer from a Weber dealer. Next, you need to decide on the size of the grill you are looking for and how you plan to utilize it.

Weber has different types of grills and accessories depending what you are cooking. Below are 3 different Weber iGrill thermostats and the cost for each. When you purchase the iGrill thermometer, you will then download the iGrill app to your device and follow the instructions on how to set it up.

Choose from one of the many preset alerts ranging from medium-rare steak to lamb. You can create and save custom alerts for your special dishes that only you know the perfect temperature for. Another useful feature is the Range setting that lets you customize alerts once the ambient temperature of your grill goes outside of the set range.

Each thermometer is equipped with the Proximity Wake-Up feature which allows your thermometer to wake and communicate with your smart device when it comes in and out of range. The thermometer measures temperatures ranging from -22°F to 572°F or -30°C to 300°C.

iGrill Mini  - $49.99

The only ultra-compact grilling thermometer using Bluetooth Smart technology.



  • Compact Size
  • Single Probe
  • Smart LED
  • iOS and Android Compatible - Works with iOS as well as Android systems for connectivity
  • Up to 150 hours of battery life
  • Box includes an iGrill mini, one meat probe, one probe wrap, one colored probe indicator, one battery, and an optional magnetic disc

iGrill 2 – $99.99

Redesigned from the ground up to create the ultimate grilling thermometer powered by Bluetooth Smart Technology. 


  • Four Probe Capacity
  • Comes with 2 meat probes
  • Illuminated Display
  • Touch Interface
  • iOS and Android Compatible – Works with Apple iOS as well as Android systems for connectivity
  • Up to 200 hours of battery life
  • The box includes the iGrill 2, two meat probes, two probe wraps, two colored probe indicators, two AA batteries, and an optional magnetic disc

iGrill 3  - $99.99

Exclusive for Weber Genesis II and Genesis II LX Grills.


All Weber Genesis II and Genesis II LX grill are iGrill 3 Ready. This means that you can install the iGrill 3 into the grill and sync it to your mobile device.

Connect up to four temperature probes and monitor your steak, chicken, or roasts all at one time. This unit comes with 2 meat probes. 150-foot blue tooth range capacity and 250 hours of battery life.

Features of the Weber iGrill 3 App

  • Easy in-app connection through Bluetooth
  • Track and manage all of your connected products simultaneously on the App dashboard
  • You can create your own custom preset to ensure your dish is cooked perfectly or you can select from dozens of temperature presets
  • Keep track of your devices by customizing the name of your device or probe and set the probe color indicator for easy identification
  • User-driven app interface allows you to customize your experience 
  • Access the customer support resources right through the App

Smart LED

The Smart LED indicates when your Weber iGrill Mini is paired and displays the current temperature status with a color code. When you are cooking, the Smart LED changes color to indicate your temperature progression or to indicate that the temperature is inside or outside of the set range.

Smart LED Colors:

  • Blinking Blue - Looking for smart device to connect
  • Blinking Green - Connected to Smart Device
  • Blinking Red - Preset temperature is met / Alarm is sounding off
  • Solid Orange - If preset range alarm is set, the solid orange indicates the temperature is inside your range
  • Solid Red - The temperature has met your alarm preset
  • Solid Green - A Non-Custom Preset Cook has been made, currently reading and transmitting temperatures
  • Solid White - Device is getting ready to power down


There is also a graph on the app that shows the temperature of your meat rising to readiness.


Final Thoughts

It's up to you how deeply you would like to dive into the world of iGrill. You can use the iGrill for basic doneness notifications, or you can go all out by tracking meat temperature, by the second, for multiple pieces of food at once. 

The beauty about the iGrill is that it is portable and doesn’t have to be used only with a grill. You can use the iGrill to track the doneness of your food in a normal oven as well.

I personally do not own an iGrill but I am going to pick one up for my Weber grill. I have small children and being able to walk away from the grill and attend to them is very important.

I always have my phone in my hand anyways so I can always track the doneness of my food without standing by the grill all day long and checking on my food. It's like having a baby monitor that you can watch without having to go into the baby's room to check on her.

The iGrill is magnetic so it can stick to any magnetic surface and can be mounted right on the grill itself.

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