Great Ideas for Lighting Kitchens with Sloped Ceilings

Robert Joyce  |  December 03, 2014  |  3 Min. Read


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While most light fixtures are made for flat ceilings, some lights can also work on sloped ceilings.

Kitchens require the most amount of light in any space in the home, and if you’re kitchen has sloped ceilings, don’t despair - There are options out there!

This kitchen has an interesting design feature, in that the separate ceiling is angled upward slightly. The separate ceiling helps to create a more industrial feel, while making the space seem cozier. An angled canopy for the pendants helps to have the fixtures hang straight.


Hubbardton Forge’s Presidio Tryne is a great option for sloped ceilings! The sloped canopy can be adjusted to be angled at up to 45 degrees. Hubbardton Forge also allows for the customization of the glass and finish so you can tailor the light to your design.


WAC Lighting offers an angled canopy, in case you have smaller pendants that you would like to use on a slope ceiling.

Recessed lighting is among the types of lighting that has special sloped ceiling housings (also called “cans,” or the part that goes into the ceiling). These special recessed cans are angled to shine directly downward and can often accommodate up to a 45-degree slope. Using specially angled housings requires some pre-planning, in that you need to know the correct pitch of your ceiling.


Nora Lighting offers sloped ceiling recessed lights in a 6” size. Both the housing and the trim are angled to accommodate the angled ceiling.


The designer for this kitchen used angled recessed lights to achieve a seamless look and still be able to have plentiful, layered light. I like that they have used two different sizes of recessed light to balance the heavy beams and provide even illumination.

Some of our lighting companies offer sloped ceiling canopies and adapters for pendants and chandeliers. The canopies and adapters are made to have the fixture hang straight down. It is best to look for companies that offer the canopies or adapters and then select a fixture after to ensure compatibility of the components as well as the finish.


The sloped ceiling in this kitchen limits where the lighting could be installed. However, with careful planning, the designer was able to find sloped recessed housings and trims that fit the angle of the ceiling.

These are not your only options for a sloped ceiling! There is another choice to consider, and that is track lighting. Track lighting is one of the most commonly used solutions for sloped ceilings. Look for specialized track that has sloped ceiling standoffs (anchors that hold the track to the ceiling) and extensions.


This is a fun idea, to have the tracks angle in the same way as the sloped ceiling. It makes the clean lines feel very crisp, and without having to compromise the gorgeous wood ceiling.


WAC Lighting also offers sloped ceiling adapters for their rails and tracks. These allow for easy adaptation of tracks and rails to sloped ceilings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sloped ceilings are an easy fix with lighting these days!
  • Plan ahead – it is best to know what the actual slope of your ceiling is so that you can find something appropriately angled!
  • You have options – recessed, pendants, chandeliers, and track can (for the most part) be adjusted for sloped ceilings!

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