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How to Light Your Laundry Room

Dagmar Hemp  |  October 17, 2014  |  3 Min. Read

Lighting  |  Laundry

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The most important features of lighting in your laundry room must help you see, whether it’s finding spots and stains; measuring detergent; sorting colors; folding; and ironing.

The best way to achieve the necessary lighting for your laundry room is through well-diffused general lighting. A nice secondary feature of laundry room lighting? Why not show off your appliances and laundry room, especially if they’re new!

Laundry Rooms with Great Lighting

This laundry room is one of my favorites! You can see that there is plentiful natural light from all of the windows, but that they have also supplemented that light with recessed lights. The light colors help to have the light reflect off the walls and create even more ambient light.

Usually, laundry rooms are lit with one long linear fluorescent tube light. While these provide some good light, they can be a bit harsh and create harsh shadows. If not placed correctly, these shadows can make it hard to distinguish between certain colors. They are also not the most energy-efficient option when compared to LED.

General, or ambient lighting, can be achieved through natural light, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, and recessed lighting.

This laundry room is adorable! I love the balance of light colors and the windows to bring a sense of airiness to the space. The single flush mount may have been this home owner’s only option, but I think it works well in the space by complementing the color scheme and simple shapes.

If you would like more task-orientated lighting, you can consider gimbal rings for recessed lighting, directional spotlights, table lamps, or track/rail lighting with flexible heads. This will allow for more customized lighting, as you can point the lights where you need them most.

The ambient lighting in this space is bountiful, between the window and the recessed lighting. I like that they have used a recessed light over the washer and dryer, to make it easier to see when adding or removing laundry.

If you have upper-cabinets for storage, you may want to consider under-cabinet lights to provide some additional task lighting. This can make it easier to see across counters and other surfaces.

This laundry room uses multiple sources of light. Not only is there natural light, but there is also under-cabinet lights and pendant lights. I like the concept of an island for extra workspace, as well as the ability to use pendants to bring in more light and personality!

Key Takeaways

  • Use multiple layers of light to illuminate your laundry room.
  • General lighting can be achieved through natural light, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, and recessed lighting.
  • Task lighting can be achieved through gimbal rings for recessed lighting, directional spotlights, table lamps, or track/rail lighting with flexible heads.
  • Under-cabinet lights could be a nice and unexpected addition to task lighting.




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