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How Do You Light a Craftsman Style Home?

Henriette Rieu  |  January 20, 2016  |  3 Min. Read

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So you're looking for newlights for your Craftsman home? It's hard to believe, but Craftsman was once sold out of the then, venerable Sears catalog.

Craftsman style is still quite popular. We will look at the history and attributes of a Craftsman home. We will then guide you on how to light your craftsman home with some of our favorite lighting options. 

History of Craftsman Homes

craftsman style home

The philosophy behind the advent of the Craftsman home included going back to the basics of handmade wood working, a simpler style of life, harmony with nature, and a smaller scale.

They created lower ceilings and coziness. This was a reaction of the middle class and blue collar working people to have a more modest home. It was push back against the Victorian Era which had high ceilings and very ornate decorations only the wealthy could afford.

Characteristics of a Craftsman Home

Want to know if your home is indeed a Craftsman? Here are some Craftsman attributes.

  • Low-pitched roof lines, or hipped roof
  • Deeply overhanging eaves
  • Exposed rafters or decorative brackets under eaves
  • Front porch beneath extension of main roof
  • Tapered, square columns supporting roof
  • Frank Lloyd Wright design motifs
  • Hand-crafted stone or woodwork
  • Mixed materials throughout structure
  • Shaker influence - flat panels and molding
  • Mission style blocking and undivided wood panels

Now, that we covered the basics of Craftsman homes, let's look at how to light your craftsman home, starting from the exterior.

Outdoor Lighting

Hinkley Tucker Hanging Lantern - $279

Hinkley Tucker Hanging Lantern craftsman lighting

Hinkley Cherry Creek Hanging Lantern - $479

Hinkley Cherry Creek Hanging Lantern craftsman lighting Quoizel Stonington Light Post - $229

Quoizel Stonington Light Post craftsman lighting

The fixtures above, and most outdoor fixtures have accompanying sconces, lanterns, and outdoor posts.


Quoizel Asheville Chandelier - $314

Quoizel Asheville Chandelier craftsman lighting

Quoizel Samara Chandelier - $529

Quoizel Samara Chandelier craftsman lighting

Quoizel Kyle Chandelier - $679

Quoizel Kyle Chandelier craftsman lighting

Chandeliers can be a little taller as most of the ceilings were 8 ft. or so. This size is more to human scale than the Victorian era that had 10 to 14 ft. high ceilings. 


Hinkley Tahoe Pendant - $145

Hinkley Tahoe Pendant craftsman lighting

Quoizel Inglenook Pendant - $167 

Quoizel Inglenook Pendant craftsman lighting

Murray Feiss Lumiere Pendant - $347

Murray Feiss Lumiere Pendant craftsman lighting

As a general rule, you should place 1-3 pendants over a kitchen island, depending on the length of the island.

Final Thoughts

Today, we have returned to the philosophy of small is better for people who are building very small homes to conserve energy and money.

The Craftsman style has continued to increase popularity and is used widely. Here are just a few ideas for your Craftsman home, or if you want to have a Craftsman design inspired home. There are so many beautiful craftsmen options out there, its important to love your light fixtures and to make it your own.

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Henriette Rieu

Henriette Rieu has been a lighting designer and home builder for over 25 years and has been with Yale for almost 15. Henriette enjoys the creative aspect of lighting design and help clients with remarkable projects.

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