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Everpure Water Filters vs. Bottled Water (Prices/Models)

January 20th, 2015 | 2 min. read

By Danny Nguyen

A whopping 75% of the earth is made up of water, but between saltwater and water is frozen in icecaps and glaciers, only 1% is available for human consumption.

To keep your body healthy, it is recommended that the average adult consumes 8 to 12 cups of water per day. With the amount of water that is recommended for consumption, it’s vital that the water we drink is clean and safe.

Everpure Water Filters

Since its founding in 1933 by C.B. Oliver, Everpure has become one of the most widely used water filtration companies. Everpure has come a long way, including their Micro-Pure precoat technology.

This technology helps to provide higher levels of filtration and reliability, up to 0.00001 microns.  Everpure is also the choice commercially serving restaurants and other industries

Watch this video about the effectiveness of Everpure filters (and this is 7 Years Old)

Yet most people still buy bottled water, so we compared financially.

EF6000 filter vs. Bottled water

Cost Saving

Bottled water on average cost $4.25 per 24 pack, $1.42 per gallon = $.177 per bottle. EF6000 filtration system cost $499 which produce 6,000 gallons equals down to $.083 per gallon. Besides from the money saving – let’s factor in the fact there is no need to carry heavy water bottles from grocery to kitchen.


Manufacturers use millions of plastics to product water bottles. Plastic takes at least 300 years to degrade; each of the thousands of bottles thrown away today will outlive us all at least 4 times over.

It is impossible to have chemical free from plastic bottles. Plastic is made from chemicals and the water that fills them can then sit for long periods of time at high temperatures during the storage, distribution and sales process.

Many bottled water companies are not under strict guidelines by the FDA. They are under fewer obligations to reveal their filtration process, and water contents. Tap water on the other hand is regulated by the EPA to show test results to the public.

The Most Popular Everpure Models


EF-1500 - $399

The EF-1500 is a smaller canister designed for applications where space is limited. This includes prep sinks, wet bars, and bathrooms. One of the best features is that there is no additional faucet required. Some other great features include easier cartridge changes, reducing particles as small as 0.5 microns, and helps prevent lime and scale build-up. The EF-1500 has a water capacity of 1500 gallons.

EF-3000 - $449

The EF-3000 is a slightly larger model, but not large overall. This size is perfect for kitchen sinks, pot fillers, and ice makers. The EF-3000 has all the same features as the EF-1500, and also reduces chlorine taste and odor, damaging limescale, and lead, as small as 0.5 microns. The EF-3000 has a water capacity of 3000 gallons.

EF-6000 - $499

The EF-6000 is the largest of the three models we’ve highlighted here. In addition to being a great size for the kitchen, the EF-6000 is also ideal for pot fillers, wet bars, ice makers, and coffee makers. The EF-6000 does not require an additional faucet; features built-in water shut-off for easier cartridge changes; reduces particles as small as 0.5 microns; and helps prevent lime and scale build-up in water using appliances. The EF-6000 has a water capacity of 6000 gallons.


Any sink can start using Everpure system. Since there is no need to purchase additional water filtration spout, one can instantly get this system up and running within minutes.

  • First disconnect cold water supply, and cold water hose.
  • Second, connect cold water supply hose from faucet to Everpure water outlet.
  • Third, mount filter head of connect water supply to inlet of filtration.
  • Fourth, attach filter by twisting, and then turn on water! You will notice the water flow to get clean water is about 2.2 g per minute unlike old traditional water spouts takes 1/2 gpm.
You’re on your way to producing your own healthy, clean water which only cost pennies.


Filtered water is cheaper and easier than bottled. It is simple to install and better as well. You are also drinking better water.  

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