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Easy Kitchen Upgrades for New Homeowners

December 22nd, 2014 | 2 min. read

By Paul Groux

You should read this post if you are a first time home buyer or if you want to sell your place with a few new appliances without breaking the bank. Replacing appliances will be less expensive and more cost effective in the long run.

Upgrade 1 - Stainless Steel

The easiest upgrade would be to keep with similar appliances but changing them to stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances present the appearance of a commercial or professional kitchen. Stainless also every type of cabinet style and has become less expensive over the last 10 years.  A decent stainless kitchen package (refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher) can be purchased for less than $1500. See the best stainless kitchen packages here.

Upgrade 2 - Counter Depth Refrigerator

Most of us grew up with a refrigerator protruding past the cabinet. Counter depths look better than the standard. The body of a counter depth fridge is 24 inches which is the same as a standard cabinet. When installed next to a base cabinet it is more flush and does not protrude into the room like a standard. Below is an illustration of a counter depth fridge in stainless steel and my old white fridge

Counter depths have become much less expensive as well. You do not have to buy a $8,000 Sub-Zero. Jenn-Air and Frigidaire offer this product at less than $1,500. Read more at The 5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators.

Upgrade 3 - Slide-in Range

Let's look at your range. There are two types with absolutely no functional difference. Freestanding is the standard range with a backguard. The slide-in has the controls on the front, so you can see the backsplash. It's a cleaner and neater look, but a $500-750 upgrade.

It sits over the countertop, so eliminates seams and is easier to clean.

Upgrade 4 - Microwave

One of the most popular places to place the microwave oven is over the stove. It's a good idea, because all your cooking is in one area.

However, microwave are only 310 CFM and are just barely average vents. For people who like to cook, placing a higher powered hood over the range is a better idea. You can also install a microwave drawer waist high anywhere in your kitchen.

Upgrade 5 - Dishwasher

Dishwashers have always been the same dimension at 35 inches high, 24.5 wide and 24 deep. New dishwashers are most certainly quieter than the old ones. You may want to also consider an integrated dishwasher with the controls on the top for easier cleaning. Stainless tanks are more hygienic and do not retain odors.

Price on a quiet stainless dishwasher starts at $499. Integrated is $799.

Final Thoughts

As I said in the beginning, you do not have to spend a ton of money to dramatically improve your kitchen and resale value of your home.

Stainless is a smart upgrade. Frigidaire and Amana will have rebates for kitchen packages under $1,500. Bosch has counter depth packages starting at $2,999-$3,499.

You can buy a whole package with all the above upgrades starting at $3,999. People understand appliances more than cabinets and tile.

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Paul Groux

Paul Groux has been with Yale Appliance for over almost 20 years, specializing in appliance sales. He is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper and has completed two Boston marathons.

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