Best Copper Pendants For Kitchens & Dining Rooms

Roger Pontes  |  July 01, 2014  |  3 Min. Read


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Metallic influences aren’t a new trend to interiors. Since last year or so, pops of metal have been making a comeback in interior decorating.

Stainless steel, brushed or polished nickel, and chrome are all popular choices for bathrooms and kitchens, but bronze, copper, and gold are being found as accents in not only the bathroom and kitchen, but all rooms around the house.

Using a pop of metal is a great way to create more visual interest than a flat, neutral tone. Most metals will complement accent colors, and can even be used in combination with one another to create more interest without competing for attention.

Copper is a great choice in a neutral setting. It brings a lot of warmth and richness, often accenting wood finishes and adding reddish gold hues to earth tones. I think there is a great artisanal aesthetic to using copper, especially when it has been reclaimed and patinated. The warmth in copper allows decorators to use the metal for its shiny properties, but also keep the room in a warmer palette than if using a nickel or stainless steel.

I love the use of copper pendants in this kitchen by Witt Construction. Here, they have seamlessly mixed stainless steel, bronze, chrome and copper.  The copper picks up on some of the reddish tones in the dark wood floor, helps to create a little more warmth, and brings the eye upward. If the designer had used bronze or stainless steel pendants, they would have disappeared into the refrigerator or countertops.

We’re not supposed to pick favorites, but this is one of mine!! Everything from the paint color choices, to the brick, to the elements of nature, is perfection. The copper pendant lighting in this dining room by Brunelleschi Construction helps to tie in the several levels of wood finishes, and pops against the stainless steel in the background. Using a silver pendant would not have the same striking effect.

In this third kitchen by Adriana McCormack, the use of copper-lined pendants is stunning. These pendants really pop against the neutral gray and white background. I also love how they help to carry your eyes over from the painting at the far left, and even contain some of the same colors!

Copper pendants come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Here are some examples of copper pendants that we have here at Yale:


  1. Bosc One Light Hanging Fixture in Antique Copper - $381
  1. Mauviel One Light Pendant in Copper - $297.50
  1. Mica Three Light Pendant in Renaissance Copper - $259.99
  1. Stowe Three Light Foyer in Metro Copper - $459
  1. Majano Three Light Pendant in Burnished Copper - $327.80



  1. Sahara One Light Pendant in Nickel and Copper - $2,740
  1. Marcel Two Light Hanging Shade Pendant in Metallic Copper - $283.80
  1. Heritage One Light Pendant in Copper - $342.50
  1. Mica Three Light Pendant in Renaissance Copper - $309.99
  1. Felisa Beehive Pendant in Copper/White - $135

Once again, you are probably using stainless steel appliances. Copper is a great complimentary metal, and a good way to distinguish your space from other stainless kitchens.

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