Colorful Glass Chandeliers For Dining Rooms/Foyers

Marsha Cook  |  July 15, 2013  |  3 Min. Read

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Want to see something incredibly cool? Seriously. These glass pieces...

viz art glass chandelier packaging

Become this...

Viz Art chandeliers definitely make a statement. In the Yale showroom, the fixtures pop against the ceiling in the sconce room and draw your eye from other fixtures upward. While the more colorful pieces stand out with their candy-like and oceanic tones, the simple neutral white glass variation is equally stunning.

These whimsical pieces are mesmerizing, with their shapes being likened to everything from festive fireworks to the mythical Chihulhu. Each piece is truly distinctive, whether it is in the shape or coloring of the separate hand blown art glass pieces down to how the fixture is assembled.

viz art glass chandelier multicolored

viz art glass chandelier white

viz art glass chandelier ocean

How To Install

These chandeliers are sent in several boxes. Once a licensed electrician installs the reinforced ceiling box (the small size of the chandelier weights 80 pounds when fully assembled) and makes the electrical connections, the chandelier can be assembled.

First, the body of the chandelier is assembled. The metal frame is the base of the fixture and acts as a point in which all of the glass pieces are attached. The metal frame also holds the bulbs and the steel cable canopy from which the fixture is hung. After the fixture is assembled, the base comes apart easily for when the bulbs need to be changed: illustrating when form meets function.


Each piece of the glass frame is packaged separately with care, and is attached to the chandelier body with a chandelier clip. The shapes of the art glass vary from horn (long, slender pieces), to pod (similar to the horn shape, but with a bulb on one of the ends), and finally, grape (as the name implies, spherical and bulbous shapes).

Users are provided with the number of horns, pods, and grapes that should appear on each rung of the metal frame; however, final distribution is totally up to the user. In addition, when selecting the colored glass version of the chandelier, there is no set pattern for the colors. The color placement and selection is entirely up to the person assembling the product.

The Viz Art Glass chandeliers are perfect for customization. When looking at two chandeliers with the same color scheme, it’s easy to see how different the final product can look when assembled by two different people. The chandeliers certainly stand out and make a great conversation piece. When looking for something unique, fun, and personalized just for you, look no further.

For more information about these colored glass chandeliers, give us a call at 617-825-9253.

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