Best Wrought Iron Chandeliers For Traditional Dining Rooms

Wrought iron used to be heavy cast pieces for really formal areas. Visualize a European castle. That was wrought iron.


Wrought iron has become more popular for homes especially traditional settings first with lighter derivations of the classic designs. Perhaps more than any other type of chandelier, manufacturers have also introduced more new designs in addition to the classics. Wrought iron has also almost completely replaced brass in traditional settings and comes in new styles like flush mounts, pendants and even swing arm lamps.

hubbardton forge flush mount display 102013

How To Size a Dining Room Chandelier Light

Back when I was building houses in the 1980s and early 90s, people were fixated on buying the right size light. If you are looking for a rough rule of thumb, it is 12 inches less wide than the table as well as 24-30 inches high from the table. You won't bump your head at that height and width.

However, chandeliers can really be wider and taller depending on the light and how it fits in the room. Don't be fixated on measurement. Buy what you like.

Hubbardton Forge

Perhaps the best wrought iron manufacturer is Hubbardton Forge out of Vermont (about 4 hours North of Boston). Hubbardton Forge is truly unique, first as an American manufacturing leader, but secondly as a Green manufacturer. Environmental protection is evident from catalytic infrared technology to limit energy consumption to bio mediation to protect soil and air.

More importantly, however, Hubbardton Forge has been on the forefront of design and innovation in wrought iron. They feature variety of glass options such as: water glass, pearl, opal and amber. For a Classic look there are also a variety of metal finishes such as black, natural iron, dark smoke and bronze, so you can really customize your chandelier to your individual tastes.

Have a look a few environments with Hubbardton Forge Chandeliers

This is what Hubbardton Forge looks like in environments and these are their top 5 pieces.






We display a ton of wrought iron by various manufacturers with a Hubbardton Forge "Shop" of about 75 different pieces. If you have a traditional dining, living or kitchen area, then certainly consider Hubbardton Forge wrought iron.

hubbardton forge chandelier display 102013

hubbardton forge chandelier display 2 102013

hinkley wrought iron chandelier display 102013

quoizel wrought iron chandelier display 102013

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