Best New Contemporary Ceiling Fans (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

Dagmar Hemp  |  October 27, 2016  |  3 Min. Read

Minka Aire  |  Ceiling Fans

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Contemporary ceiling fans have “blown” onto the scene with more excitement than ever. For many years if you were looking into contemporary fans you would have to spend a fortune for really what amounted to a basic fan in a metallic finish.

Contemporary style is defined by a clean, minimalist and fashion forward way of decorating. Many are eye catching and strong design elements, and some can be relaxed and laid back.
Ceiling fans also serve many purposes. They have to move air, but many are also a light source. They also become part of the rooms decor.

Best New Contemporary Ceiling Fans

Artemis Fan - $549

Artemis Contemporary Ceiling Fan

This fan is available in 10 colors.

Quiet or neutral colors, simplistic and un-cluttered are all great ways to describe contemporary style. Others will include sleek, monochromatic and conforming to current ideas of decorating.

Contemporary ceiling fans fit right in with these descriptions, and are functional as well- sending trapped warm air back down to the living area, and creating a draft to keep you cool in the summer.


Concept Fan - $289

Concept Contemporary Ceiling Fan

The Concept fan is one of the most popular and has so many options.

44” or 52”, stem hung or flush mount (only 11.5” including a light) and four finishes. Prices are $290 - $340.


Flyte Fan - $579

Flyte Contemporary Ceiling Fan


Rainman Fan - $469

Rainman Contemporary Ceiling Fan

And we can’t forget about outdoors.

The Rainman fan is shown in brushed nickel, and also comes in bronze with an amber glass, and galvanized for an urban industrial setting. This fan is wet location rated, so it can be directly in pouring rain. The light is bright too at 100 watts.


Strata Fan - $319

Strata Contemporary Ceiling Fan

The Strata fan shown here without the light, but it can be used either way.


The Cirque - $524

And for a more daring or artful fan, the Cirque becomes a feature in the space.

The Cirque Contemporary Ceiling Fan

This is shown in brushed nickel, but it also comes in polished nickel, and has an optional red/yellow/blue blade kit available.

The Cirque Contemporary Ceiling Fan


The Wing Fan - $699

Minka’s Wing fan is remarkable and beautiful- designed by George Kovacs. It has a DC motor, making it an EnergyStar rated fan too. It comes in high gloss white, silver and distressed Koa finish (shown in picture).

The Wing Contemporary Ceiling Fan


Spectre Fan - $519

And occasionally, we need a pop of color. The Spectre fan in brushed nickel and orange has up to the minute, and on-point color and style.

Spectre Contemporary Ceiling Fan

The Spectre fan is more often sold in white and brushed nickel.

Final thoughts

Mid-century or modern styles are also considered to be contemporary, all have clean lines in common, and when styling is fresh and up-to-the-minute, all fall into the category.

Whether you are replacing a current outdated fan or are designing a new home there are a wide range of styles and price ranges. You can have a fan that completely updates your home. No more settling for a “typical” looking fan. You can have something “FANTASTIC”!

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