36 Inch Side by Side Professional Counter Depth Refrigerators (Reviews)

Steve Sheinkopf  |  February 21, 2013  |  3 Min. Read

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Side by sides were the marquee, premium look in refrigeration, but much of the buzz has shifted to bottom freezers and french doors. Still, side by sides offer more freezer space and more organized storage.  The downside is no lateral storage for platters like a bottom freezer or french door.  Side by sides are also avalable in the larger 42 and 48 inch widths, but 36 inch is the standard

There are not as many 36 inch side by sides, with only three major brands available: SubZero, Kitchenaid and GE Monogram. All three have similar overall dimensions, but will all have different cabinet cutout dimensions and the locations of the electrical and water lines can also vary. Let's look...


subzero side by side refrigerator BI36SO subzero side by side refrigerator BI36SSTH subzero side by side refrigerator BI36SSPH

BI-36S/O - $7499
Panel Ready

BI-36S/S/TH - $8759.00
Stainless w/ Tubular Handles

BI-36S/S/PH - $8799.00
Stainless w/ Pro-Style Handles

  • Dual Refrigeration System: Two motors, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. There is no sharing of air which keeps things fresher longer and no transfer of odors.
  • Air Purification System: Reduces odors, bacteria, viruses and the ethylene gases given off by fruits and vegetables which cause premature ripening and spoilage.
  • Filtration System: Fiters the water that supplies the icemaker
  • Adjustable shelves and easy close drawers

GE Monogram

ge monogram side by side refrigerator ZIS360NX ge monogram side by side refrigerator ZISS360NXSS ge monogram side by side refrigerator ZISS360DXSS

ZIS360NX - $5949.00
Panel Ready

ZISS360NXSS - $6795.00
Stainless w/ No Dispenser

ZISS360DXSS - $6995.00
Stainless w/ Ice and Water Dispenser

  • Temperature management system: provides even distribution of air inside the refrigerator
  • Climate control drawer: Allows you to express chill or thaw items
  • Water filtration
  • Gallon door storage


kitchenaid side by side refrigerator KSSO36FTX kitchenaid side by side refrigerator KSSC36QTS

KSSO36FTX - $5815.00
Panel Ready w/ No Dispenser

KSSC36QTS - $7500.00
Stainless with External Dispenser

  • Extend Fresh Temperature system: ensures items remain fresh for maximum taste and texture
  • Ice & water dispenser: stainless model only
  • Pur filtration system: reduces impurities in water and ice
  • Gallon door storage


All three brands are decent, but I feel the Sub-Zero is the best performing because of the dual refrigeration sytem. This in combination with their air purification system, vacuum sealed door and magnetic crispers will extend the life of meats, fruits and vegetables and keep food fresher for a longer period of time.

The KitchenAid is a good alternative to the Sub-Zero and will be less expensive, the GE Monogram has very similar features and interior layout to the GE Profile line. Like KitchenAid, the builder driven Monogram is a decent price alternative to Sub-Zero (As a FYI, we do not sell Monogram).

So the purchase really depends on whether you value features or price.

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