Best Low Profile, Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans (Reviews / Ratings)

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Flush mount fans differ from regular fans because the motor mounts are flush to the ceiling rather than hanging from a stem.

The savings in height can be substantial, up to 8 inches. On shorter ceilings, flush mounts are the fan of choice. Then again, that may be your only choice.

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It’s like winter in Boston. The cold is worse because of the wind. Fans throw off a ton of CFM (cubic feet per minute) or also known as airflow. CFM is how much air a fan moves. Basically, the greater the CFM, the more air that is moved. For instance, a 52-inch fan will circulate 4,600 CFM or over 4 times a professional range hood. 

You should reverse the fan in the winter to push heat off the ceiling and warm your room.

Flush Fans

You are probably reading this article because there are not many decent flush mount fans available. So, we will show some very good options, but first we will look at how to size a fan properly for height and width.

How to Size a Fan

You need at least 7 feet to hang a ceiling fan. The blades will hang down further, so the clearance will depend on the fan.

In terms of width, fans start at 26 inches with a maximum of 99 inches. The average fan size is about 50-52 inches wide for a room of 150-175 square feet.

Below is a sizing chart for rough measurement.


One small tip you will not find anywhere: Ceiling huggers are somewhat limited. If you find a regular fan, it can sometimes be adapted for low ceilings with a LCA or low ceiling adapter. Check the fan for availability and height specs.

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan

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Best Low Profile / Hugger Ceiling Fans

Concept II by Minka-Aire: F519-BN


Concept II by Minka-Aire

This low-profile ceiling fan is one of our best sellers. It is available in White, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Nickel, and Mahogany finishes. You can buy this fan in a 52” or 44” blade span with a total hanging depth of 11” with or without the 100W Halogen light.

The 52” moves 6,300 CFM airflow and the 44” moves at 4,600 CFM airflow which is incredibly powerful. This fan features a remote control but you also have the option to purchase a separate wall control. Models available for wet locations as well. Prices start at $266.00.

Traditional Concept by Minka-Aire: F594-PW


Traditional Concept by Minka-Aire

This fan is a traditional style of the original Concept II. Also available in a 52” or a 44” blade span with a total hanging depth of 10 ¾” with or without the light. This fan is available in White, Pewter, and Oil Rubbed Bronze with a full function wall control.

You can also purchase a separate remote control if you like. You can use this ceiling fan indoor or outdoor. It has a 100W halogen light built in but you can also cap it off if you don’t need the light. The 52” moves 5,400 CFM of airflow and the 44” moves 3,900 CFM airflow. Prices start at $265.00.

Delano II by Minka-Aire:F711-DRB


Delano II by Minka-Aire

This low-profile ceiling fan has a depth of 11” from the ceiling including the light. You can buy this fan in a Pewter or Dark Restoration Bronze finish. This is only available in a 52” blade span with airflow of 5,634 CFM.

The integrated light uses two 50W halogen bulbs. Ceiling fan has a wall control but you also have the option to buy a remote control. Prices start at $361.00.

Space Saver by Minka-Aire: F510-BS


Space Saver by Minka-Aire

This small 26” blade span low profile ceiling fan can be used in many smaller spaces. With a total hanging depth of 10 ¾”, this fan is available in White, Brushed Steel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes. Move some air in smaller spaces with this 1,250 CFM airflow fan with a 50W halogen light. Prices start at $150.00.

Isotope by Casablanca


Isotope by Casablanca

This low-profile fan is available in 52” or 44” with a 100W halogen light. It has a sleek contemporary design with airflow of 4,251 CFM on the 52” and 3,915 CFM on the 44”. Choose between the White, Brushed Cocoa, Brushed Nickel, or Iron Ore (black) finishes. You have the option to have a remote control or a wall control. Total hanging depth on this fan is 12.8” to bottom of light. Prices start at $349.00.

Four Season’s III by Casablanca: 82U45D


Four Season's III by Casablanca

This is a simple low-profile ceiling fan with a pull chain. This fan comes in a 52” or 42” blade span with finish options of White or Brushed Nickel. Total hanging depth without the light is 8” and it’s about 12” with a light kit.

You have the option to buy a separate remote control. The 52” moves 2,400 CFM and the 42” version moves 2,126 CFM. Prices start at $99.00.

Minka-Aire Calais: F544-BCW


The Calais is available with white or gold lights and is a bit more formal than the other fans with walnut blades. The circulation is excellent at 6,050 CFM. Prices start at $319.95

Gaugin: F581-BG 


The Gaugin can be used inside or outside with its laid back leafy blades. You see these in resorts quite a bit.

The Gaugin is not a flush fan, but can be reduced using a LCA or low ceiling adapter. Prices start at $469.95

Final Words

Remember to size a fan for being no less than 7 feet tall. Then choose the width based on your room size.  Flush mount fans can be basic, so look for other choices with adapters and check the respective heights

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