Why Is My Front Load Washer Not Draining?

Steve Sheinkopf  |  June 07, 2012  |  3 Min. Read

Front Load Washers  |  Appliance Repair

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front load washer not draining

Read this article before calling an appliance repair service or replacing the machine.


First remove all the coins, golf tees and small items out of your pockets before placing your clothes in your washer. These small items are bad for your clothes in the wash and can damage the machine.


This could be an easy fix, especially if you own a newer "Front Load" washer. Even though some instruction manuals don't mention it, there's a filter near the water pump that catches stuff before it gets into the pump and causes damage.

On front loaders, it's easy to avoid these problems by cleaning the filter every six months. On newer machines, you can access the filter easily by removing the front panel (right). Also, for brands like Bosch and most European brands the catch is visible right from the front. On Frigidaire and some other brands, the filter is part of the pump and you'll have to remove a hose or the entire pump to clean it. In that case service maybe recommended. In some cases, a code number will show up in the digital display. If you look up the code in the instruction manual, it will indicate a problem with suds or tell you to check the filter.If the filter is clogged, it can prevent your machine from draining.


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