How to Clean an Electric Glass Stove/Range Top

David Curro  |  May 30, 2012  |  3 Min. Read

Appliance Repair  |  Electric Cooking

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Glass top ranges are notorious for being tough to clean. Some of the criticism is based on previous products like the European cast iron disc tops as well as the old Corning tops. Both discolored and were impossible to clean.

The newer (15 years ago) glass is manufactured by Schott and is ceran glass. They sell most of the tops to all the manufacturers like GE, Whirlpool and Electrolux. Ceran is also on 75% of the electric ranges and almost 100% of the decent units, including induction.

Ceran is much easier to clean than the older units. Have a look at this spaghetti dinner hardened on my range top. I will show you how to clean it easily:

clean electric cook top 1 clean electric cook top 2 clean electric cook top 3
clean electric cook top 4 clean electric cook top 5 clean electric cook top 6

Steps to clean ceran electric range tops:

  1. Wait til the glass cook-top cools down.
  2. Use glass Ceran cleaner. Apply cleaner to the glass top.
  3. Use a sponge to spread the cleaner around in a circular motion. Let it sit for a couple minutes then use paper towels or a cloth to remove cleaner. It will start to look like a haze when you start removing the cleaner.
  4. Keep using the paper towel or cloth in a circular motion till the cook-top glass shines.

If you have heavy, baked-on spillage use a razor to remove the baked-on food prior to using the Ceran cleaner. You may have to repeat the cleaning process a couple times to get the best results.

David Curro

David Curro is an Appliance Service Technician at Yale Appliance + Lighting with over 9 years experience in the field. Dave also spends time woodworking, watching the DIY network and donating time at his local food pantry and animal shelter.

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